How Does Your Contact Center’s Cloud Look?

Take a moment to observe how your contact center looks with and without the cloud. If you’re at a loss as to where your contact center falls on the cloud spectrum, consider first the potential disconnections happening in the use of your existing technology to accomplish business critical functions. For example, how satisfied are your virtual agents? Are they empowered with the right tools to quickly, efficiently and effectively do their jobs? That was the question at hand in last week’s survey commissioned by Dynamic Case Management (DCM).The survey, which questioned over 200 respondents, found that modern workers do not have the necessary tools in place to do their jobs. The survey also found that:·         73 percent of companies are using cloud apps, but only 36 percent feel that cloud-based apps are secure.·         90 percent of companies are required to comply with government regulations, but almost half (40 percent) are not regularly updating their tools.·         54 percent of companies believe that the “model company” embraced working remotely; meanwhile, 11 percent said it’s an inconvenience and only four percent believe it should not be allowed.One of the main things that Vocalcom takes pride in is our ability to help expand companies’ virtual work movement. Today’s virtual and remote workforce is increasingly and inevitably growing, and our virtual cloud contact center solutions are there to help make this shift as easy and profitable as possible. Click here to get started with us today.

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