How Employee Feedback Can Make Your Customer Service Shine

Most companies agree that employee engagement is vital to brand success. When employees feel motivated to do their best, they can deliver service that customers love. At the heart of such engagement lies feedback—the more you listen to them and consider their advice, the more engaged and content they will be. Yet, according to Gallup, only 15% of employees worldwide feel engaged in their jobs. Here are four ways to get your employees talking and make them—and your brand—shine above the competition.

Ask them for direct feedback

Very often, employees understand customer preferences better than a company’s executive board. Those who interact with customers on a daily basis are especially knowledgeable about customer feelings regarding products and services. Asking employees for regular feedback about their interactions is an ideal way to create experiences that better serve your customers. And when you acknowledge the opinions of your employees, you win their trust, improve their productivity, and ultimately take steps toward building a better brand.

Let them educate one another

Since your employees have skills and experiences to share, why not let them help each other? Peer training is a highly productive and motivating way to engage employees and tackle issues that are impacting your customer service. Conduct peer training sessions during which employees are able to share their best practices and roleplay with one another. According to Udemy, 42% of employees state that learning and development is the most important company benefit considered when deciding where to work. Give your employees good reason to work for you by showing them that you value their voices.

Give them opportunities for growth

Employees should be rewarded for their achievements, and this can mean promoting them to roles that suit them best. For example, a customer service agent may be promoted to a management position if he demonstrates great service. Likewise, an agent may be appointed as a training leader if the company thinks he has good ideas to share. According to a Bridge survey, 67% of millennials would leave a position if the job lacked growth and leadership opportunities. So make sure your employees can climb the ladder to success—and watch your brand do the same.

Involve them in service design

It’s one thing to ask employees for feedback. It’s another thing to trust them with designing new processes and services based on their experiences. Show them your confidence by involving them in your service design. For example, ask them to help you create better call scripts, customer surveys, and training sessions. Based on their feedback, consider ways in which service processes may be streamlined in each department. Involving employees in the actual implementation of new processes is an excellent way to ensure that they will be motivated to do their best in an environment that suits their needs and the needs of your customers. If employees are happy to work for your company, their enthusiasm will extend to their work. When customers feel that they are supporting a brand that respects its staff, they will know how much you value them as well.

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