Identifying Robust and Safe Telemarketing Campaigns

We at Vocalcom pride ourselves on our telemarketing software solution capable of increasing productivity and sales by up to 300 percent. Telemarketing remains one of today’s top methods for generating revenue, soliciting prospects and improving your company’s bottom line. Forty years ago, the top sales person could only dial about 100 numbers over eight hours, but with the evolution of telemarketing software, this number has skyrocketed to 300-400 calls per day.

However, as telemarketing became a genuinely profitable way for companies to succeed, it has also become so for fraudulent ones.For example, two Arizona brothers were recently responsible for the creation of Medicor, LLC, a marketing company that scammed customers into believing that they could set up a home-based medical billing business by purchasing medical billing software. The two falsely advertised that a person could earn $20 to $40 an hour from home by helping doctors submit medical bills to insurance companies. In actuality, they robbed their customers of $16 million total. Back in 2001, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a civil lawsuit against Medicor and the Rubins in the United States District Court in Los Angeles. Since then, a federal judge has ordered Medicor and the Rubins to pay more than $16.5 million and one of the brothers was sentenced to 6 .5 years in federal prison.

We would like to stress how vital it is that consumers remain alert and aware of these types of scams and schemes. Moreover, for businesses, it is crucial to check the validity and robustness of your telemarketing software to secure the reputability of your brand and the value of your services. This way, your customers and prospects can rest assured that they’re being securely taken care of when they call your firm or when you initiate contact with them.The FTC also recently revealed several proposed changes to the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) in order to protect consumers against fraudulent charges. These changes include curtailing the use of several payment methods commonly used by scammers.Want to learn more about these potential changes? Check back in soon to learn more!

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