The Evolution of Telemarketing

Telemarketing – a marketing method in which a salesperson solicits prospects to invest in a company’s product or service – has experienced quite the journey over recent years. This strategy continues to dominate the marketing landscape; however today, robust telemarketing software coupled with innovative customer engagement techniques have worked to completely re-imagine this approach.

Telemarketing: Across the Years

During the 1970’s when telemarketing began enjoying mainstream success, even the most experienced sales person could only dial about 100 numbers over the course of eight hours. Of course, this was before the advent of advanced solutions such as predictive dialer technology, which enables telemarketers to place multiple calls more quickly and efficiently to yield more results. In fact, predictive dialer technology enables telemarketers to make between 300-400 calls per day.Since then, telemarketing expanded so that calls could be placed from a company office to a call center to even within one’s own home. Today, SIP-based telemarketing software equips companies with a feature-rich solution that simultaneously lowers costs and bolsters even the smallest company’s professional reputability. Telemarketing campaigns are embraced by many charities, alumni organizations and political parties to acquire donations, as well as marketing research companies looking to survey customers on the satisfaction of companies’ products, services, brand and more.

Overall Goals

The overall goal of telemarketing is to expand a company’s brand and customer reach. Modern day telemarketing solutions ensure increased efficiency and customer penetration, more productive contacts and unprecedented performance and ease-of-use. While telemarketing technology has undoubtedly changed since its humble beginnings, one thing remains the same: its purpose of increasing company reach, customer satisfaction and overall profit.

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