Is Employee Engagement the Key to Customer Service Success?

Contact center managers have many factors to assess when measuring success. The omnichannel approach has expanded the horizons of customer service, making efficiency and quality more feasible than ever yet analytics more complex to handle. And at the front lines of customer service are agents who are given the task of striking a balance between delivering excellent service adhering to a brand’s values, mastering new contact center technologies, and giving a personal touch—without losing energy and motivation for the next interaction.A recent ICMI report surveying contact center leaders found that 99% believe agent engagement drives performance, yet only 7% claimed employee engagement to be a top priority. Indeed, the study further found that metrics such as average handling time, first contact resolution, and customer satisfaction rank high in priority for contact centers, showing a strong commitment to quality control and efficiency yet little attention to the heart of the customer experience which lies in employee engagement. Here are four compelling reasons why employee engagement can drive customer service success.

A happy agent is more productive.

As in any professional field, when people are motivated to work they are generally far more productive. In a contact center—where time is truly essential to getting results and delivering great service—a boost in productivity translates to saved costs as well as emotional benefits such as greater team spirit, collaboration, lower rates of absenteeism, and ultimately enhanced customer service. Just as agents can tell when a customer is frustrated, customers will feel the energy and willingness of a happy agent and feel more trust and loyalty in the brand.

Increased engagement turns agents into brand advocates.

When employees are happy with their jobs, they are often willing to talk about what a great place their company is. Engaged employees can therefore be a brand’s greatest advocates, as their knowledge of a brand’s products or services coupled with their enthusiasm may lead them to engage with others on social media to show their satisfaction with the brand, whether it be in writing or through photos or videos. Companies may also reach out to their employees to feature them in brand photos and videos, further engaging them and projecting a positive brand image to current and potential customers.

A brand becomes more trustworthy and appealing.

Engaged employees can inspire confidence in customers, as their knowledge and enthusiasm can add to a brand’s credibility and make a brand more trustworthy. In addition, a RightNow study found that 73% of customers believe a friendly customer service agent can make them love a brand. It’s compelling evidence that when agents are motivated, their energy is infectious and can lead to customer loyalty.

Engaged employees provide critical feedback.

Once employees know that their work is valued, they are normally willing to share their feedback and express opinions on what improvements can be made. Such feedback can be vital to improving the customer experience in myriad ways: revising customer service surveys, enhancing call scripts, improving training methods, and even modifying or offering new products or services.Employee engagement is vital to customer service success as it motivates agents to deliver their best, inspire confidence in a brand, and enhance the customer experience with increased customer loyalty. Learn about Vocalcom contact center software solutions for excellent customer service.

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