Is Your Company’s Mobile App a Distraction?

We’ve all seen it at one point or another; the mother at the nail salon who hastily hands over her iPhone to appease a nagging toddler or the father who casually passes a tablet to his car seat-aged child while he or she wails in the backseat. It seems as though today’s parenting strategies have progressively shifted from less face-to-face interactions and more tablet screen-sharing. In fact, new research from Statista shows that 60 percent of parents have attempted to distract their children with a smartphone or tablet – 47 percent who have handed their child a smartphone to “keep them busy,” according to major tech news outlet Mashable.

So what are children doing on these mobile devices? Essentially what any average user would do – using apps. After all, the average smartphone user now spends 127 minutes per day using mobile apps, according to recent research from eMarketer. This got us thinking about how companies’ existing mobile apps measure up for usage. More specifically, could they be too distracting for your customers?Think about it…the way your company’s mobile app is designed for use is truly a make-or-break situation. There have been mobile apps that essentially do nothing and then those that bombard the user with far too much information and data which, at the end of the day, can be too distracting.

Remember, your customers likely aren’t just utilizing the telephone anymore to reach your service center. Amidst today’s large spectrum of call center solutions, you need to ensure that your service tools and technologies – including your company’s mobile app – are up to par. The last thing you want is for your customer to hand their phone – opened to your mobile app – to a friend to simply “pass the time” or “give them something to do.” Your application should enthrall your customers by showcasing unparalleled attention to detail, exciting new innovations and advanced yet easy-to-handle capabilities. So, is it?

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