Mastering the Art of Routing for Contact Center Success

When it comes to certain factors that could make or break your call center, routing should be one of the first to come to mind. Routing within the call center is a huge part of what makes a customer’s call center experience productive and efficient. If calls don’t go through to the right agent, your customer won’t stay on the phone for long. And, unsurprisingly, they’ll turn to your competition for better service.In a time of need, your customers just want to speak to the right agent. It’s quite a frustrating experience, and most of us – whether caller or call handler – have been there. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could speak to an agent who knows exactly how to help you? Consider the option of prioritizing your most valuable customers so that they could move to the head of the routing queue or to your most experienced staff members? Imagine how happy that would make your customers. It would be even better if your customers could get a follow-up call from the same agent they previously spoke with to ensure that they were helped correctly. These are the kinds of small details that can strengthen your call center’s routing capabilities and, in turn, build that strong customer relationship you’re looking for.Having a great conversation with your customers could mean more business for you. When your previous customer’s call is routed directly back to you, they’ll appreciate the extended conversation and you’ll appreciate the business being done.Vocalcom’s award-winning virtual call center software promotes the market’s most advanced routing capabilities. Not only will you be able to easily route your most valued customers to your most experienced agents, but you’ll be able to automatically capture, route, manage, integrate, orchestrate and report on inbound and outbound customer interactions.There’s no better way to maintain a strong customer relationship than with today’s most advanced virtual call center software. Vocalcom takes pride in offering you just that. Click here to check out all of the innovative features that make up our virtual call center software.

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