New Study Reveals Continued Cloud Contact Center Market Growth

When using any type of technology, it is vital to stay up to date with its various updates and developments. This is especially true for technology that is quickly expanding and growing itself, such as with cloud contact center technology.

In the past three years alone, cloud contact center adoption has doubled, according to a newly released report from DMG Consulting. In 2010, a sizable though still small 31.8 percent of companies made use of cloud technology; however, a similar report released this year shows that this number had increased to 62.4 percent. While the simple increase in use of this technology is impressive, its adoption rate has skyrocketed because of the increase of its applications.

The basic benefits of cloud contact centers are what drive this adoption, as they have increased in tandem. Not only does the technology offer simplified cloud storage, but it also offers support for companies at numerous levels. A typical cloud solution offers capabilities that can lower overall Capex costs while boosting productivity. And, because these solutions are offered by a third party, the storage, maintenance, upgrades and equipment servicing are taken care of by the supplier, all off-site. This option frees up business funds that would otherwise be allocated to in-house technicians and floor space. This also allows management and agents to put more focus on their day-to-day tasks, which is made easier using services such as smart routing, interactive voice response (IVR), live agent chatting and customer analytics.Furthermore, the evolution of this technology has opened itself up to include support for companies’ unique green initiatives. By moving to cloud-supported technology, large U.S. companies could save up to $12.3 billion by 2020.

If you haven’t already done so, taking your contact center to the cloud could be not only a smart move, but also a fiscally responsible one. As it keeps growing, more and more benefits will be available for those that employ it.

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