New Study Shows the Dominance of Social Service Over E-mail

As an enterprise’s online footprint grows larger and more encompassing, so do the ways in which customers interact with them. Whereas in the past, telephone and e-mail were the primary forms of communication with companies, today, social media services have taken hold as an invaluable way for company-client relationships to blossom.

And, with this explosion of social media interaction, response expectations have increased as well. In fact, according to a study commissioned by Steven Van Belleghem, in association with SSI and No Problem, customer expectations regarding social media services are more demanding than e-mail, with nine out of 10 participants saying that speed is absolutely vital.

While phone services held the highest expectations regarding speed, Facebook and Twitter were close behind, with 55 percent of global customers expecting responses to their Facebook and Twitter interactions within just four hours. E-mail response expectations are more forgiving though, as only 39 percent expect a four-hour response window.As one of the most important aspects of any industry is positive customer relations, the importance of investing in call center software that boasts strong social media and multi-channel support is crystal clear. After all, responding to customer concerns in a timely manner is made vastly easier when specific resources are allocated for management across all interaction channels.

Vocalcom addresses this very issue with our award-wining, all-in-one call center software. Our Hermes cloud solution is geared specifically towards supplying advanced contact center technology that is flexible enough to provide intuitive support services across all social channels, including e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. While social services may be dominant compared to e-mail, all channels need to be covered in a similar, customer-centric way.

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