Hermes Net Version 5 is Taking Customer Engagement a Significant Step Further

Vocalcom is pioneering the continuous reinvention and evolution of call center solutions for businesses worldwide, empowering users to push the limits and break all boundaries of the customer experience. Continuing with this theme, Vocalcom is proud to reveal its newest product, Hermes Net Version 5, which comes fine-tuned and fully stocked with exciting new features as well as many improvements to existing capabilities. Recently, we sat down with our very own Simon Harrison, VP of Product Marketing and Management, to discuss just how the all-new Version 5 of our Hermes cloud solution takes things a significant step further than the rest. Version 5 of Vocalcom’s award-winning call center software has sharpened the stake of customer interaction to completely transform the customer experience.The product does this in three key ways:

1. More intuitive support for social channels (i.e. Facebook and Twitter)

Harrison explained that Hermes Net Version 5 provides exponential scope for defining rules, expelling limits and easily selecting social interactions to be queued for agents. This key capability not only makes it extremely easy for agents to respond to customers real-time, but increases the entire social interaction campaign potential by being able to queue any mention of a verbal string, a company’s Twitter account or a hashtag. “Social media interaction and digital word of mouth is a phenomenon that’s not slowing down,” Harrison says.

2. Simplified administration

As one can imagine, when you provide a contact center that supports many channels of communication, it can be reasonably multifaceted to setup. Because of this, Vocalcom created setup wizards that enable users to step through the process of creating anything from queues to campaigns and more. With a significantly consolidated process (HR, agent setup, address books, sales and more are already included in the HR wizard), users will find it easier than ever to execute administrative tasks. This, of course, perfectly aligns with Vocalcom’s vision of supporting the best possible interaction process to provide the most compelling customer experience.

3. Overall enhanced core technologies

The last piece of this puzzle includes our overall enhanced core technologies, such as improved best time to call customers. Whereas traditional dialers will go through a list of customers’ names and phone numbers and try to connect to them (and if the attempt fails, systematically move on in the list), Vocalcom’s best time to call strategy technology will prioritize by the specific device, time and more. By combining the right device at the right time, users will see more customers that are open to communicating when best applicable to their schedule and lifestyle. “The key value metric is connecting to more customers than ever before,” Harrison explains.At the end of the day, Vocalcom’s vision is about providing flexible, capable advanced and cost-effective contact center technology that enables its users to provide maximum customer excellence. If you’re looking to entrench yourself in the digital customer service space or take your brand to previously unattainable levels, then we eagerly invite you to further explore our newest version of Hermes Net.

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