Vocalcom names 2 VPs for Latam and Southern Europe

Vocalcom, a global supplier of cloud contact center and customer experience management solutions, is building an imminent future, starting with the vision and strategy of its market positioning, as well as the stabilization and evolution of his roadmap, but also within a new organizational structure in strategic countries.





Vocalcom has named Andres Braceras as Vice President Latam

Since day one, Andres, has always shown professionalism and dedication in everything he has done for the company. He has abilities and potential in this new role and responsibilities, both in terms of skills and knowledge of geographical areas.

His activity has always been in constant growth, sharing with Vocalcom an accurate visibility of business, despite working for complex markets. Last year he was entrusted with the management of Brazil on an interim basis and there too he successfully and effectively demonstrated his managerial skills.

All activities from Mexico to Argentina via Colombia and Brazil will be under his responsibility, which will also allow rapid progress to be made in the project of pooling resources.

Vocalcom is naming Oriol Bosca as Vice President Southern Europe

At the same time, Vocalcom is naming Oriol Bosca as Vice President Southern Europe. With a strong knowledge of the Spanish market, this will allow him to focus on a new development of Italy, thanks to the latest partnership agreements signed with important players in customer experience sector, but also of Portugal, a country in constant growth.

But all this would be reductive compared to all that Oriol has always brought to Vocalcom, with great professionalism. Overseeing one of the company’s largest clients, he has always managed to find solutions even to complex problems with our customers.

His technical skills and his experience of the product are invaluable for the company, that is why he will be a key player, as well, in supporting the vision and strategy of the evolution of the roadmap with the CPO Karine Palacios.

These evolutions will also allow Jorge Meilan, to focus in his new and crucial responsibility as Strategic Account Director, most of the recurring revenue of Spain is under his responsibility.

PR-Vocalcom names 2 VPs for Latam and Southern Europe

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