Predicative Dialers Outshine Manual Call Center Options

For those looking to ramp up their call center technology, there are many different techniques, solutions and types of software available. Some businesses, however, are reluctant to let go of tried-and-true tactics that – while proven to work – aren’t necessarily as effective or successful as more advanced, disruptive options that have been brought to market. This is especially true for call centers that still implement or rely on manual dialing instead of using a predictive dialer.In fact, a recent survey from Noble Systems shows that companies who do not use outbound contact automation are missing out on many business advantages and benefits that are easily afforded with integrated technologies. This, of course, could be preventing them from realizing new sales opportunities.How can this predictive technology help companies when it comes to new sales opportunities?·         Numbers alone convey that a predictive dialer can provide excellent benefits. By using this type of software to increase valuable and profitable customer engagement, sales could potentially increase by 300 percent.·         This kind of solution also helps call center employees make the most of their time on the phone with clients. Key customers can easily be prioritized, hold times can become virtually nonexistent, missed phone calls can be called back seamlessly and much more.·         This feature also serves as an incredibly efficient tool for maximizing business hours. For example, it can help filter out calls that wouldn’t yield successful results based on factors such as busy signals, disconnected calls and more.Using manual dialing to get a hold of clients might be a solution that worked well in the past, but for companies striving to not only keep up with but also compete in today’s busy, technology-centric 21st century world, a much more drastic and innovative solution is needed. Click here to learn more.

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