Predictive Dialers and CRM: A Winning Combination for Sales Acceleration

When it comes to sales, timing is everything. Reaching out to the strongest leads is essential, but knowing when to make contact with them is critical to making the sale. Time is equally valuable in the contact center: Agents and managers alike are always looking for ways to work efficiently without compromising the quality of the customer experience. Many companies have discovered the power of predictive dialers for reaching the right customers at the right times with maximum agent efficiency and at reduced costs. With the addition of CRM integration, brands have a winning combination for smart and savvy sales acceleration with maximum precision and efficiency.

Predictive dialers and CRM: A smart duo for sales acceleration

Just how do predictive dialers fuel the sales process with such efficiency? Essentially, they use a complex set of algorithms to contact customers, dialing phone numbers at optimized times to enable live calls as quickly as possible. The solution determines prime call times automatically and filters out any obstacles such as “do not call” numbers, fax lines, or answering machines. Sales agents can therefore work with maximum efficiency as they no longer need to waste time looking up phone number lists, manually dialing leads, or waiting for a live call to connect. When predictive dialers are combined with CRM integration, lead management becomes easier and smarter all at once. To start, companies cut expenses, as a predictive dialer embedded into a CRM does not require additional costly telecom hardware or integration. The solution can effectively organize lead data, sales information, customer history, and customer contact information and automatically feed this data to agents for a comprehensive and accurate view of customer information. Features such as call logging, callback rules, call recording, and other automated processes save agents time and enable them to focus on pursuing the strongest leads and closing sales with great efficiency, leading to performance improvements of over 150%. In addition, CRM integration further allows sales agents to contact potential customers with greater precision and optimized results. When calls are placed, local phone numbers may be used to maximize the chance of a customer answering the call, as many studies have shown that over half of all customers hang up when they see an unknown phone number in their caller ID. More live calls are placed at times that are most convenient for the customer, as the solution automates and captures all call activity directly into the CRM, keeps track of the best times to call, and provides essential real-time metrics and KPIs for optimized sales and marketing practices. In our competitive world, brands need to strategize more than ever when it comes to sales and marketing. By combining the force of a cutting-edge predictive dialer with the sophistication of CRM software, brands can supercharge their sales processes, optimize agent efficiency, and please their customers all at once. 

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