Salesforce.com Updates Chatter Mobile

As a long time partner of Salesforce, Vocalcom is excited to reveal that the company is rolling out the fourth generation of its Chatter Mobile app. This app will be perfect for anyone on-the-go looking to effectively get business done. Empowered with a slew of innovative new editing tools, employees using this app will experience an entire new level of mobile productivity.

What else can you expect from the upgraded Chatter Mobile app? Aside from evolving into a faster and more efficient worker, Chatter will allow you to view dashboards, prioritize tasks and act based upon available data in real time.

If you happen to always be on-the-go, you’ll never have to feel like you’re missing out. This fourth generation of Chatter allows users to edit and update account and sales information, customer cases, marketing campaigns or any other information directly from you’re smartphone.

Imagine if you could create a custom action plan for any possible business scenario right off your mobile phone. Chatter offers a capability that lets you do exactly that. In fact, users can make a custom action for logging support requests, creating work orders, approving candidates and drafting invoices.

Even better, Chatter Mobile is available free to all current Salesforce.com subscribers and is ready to use on iOS and Android phones.

Vocalcom takes pride in its strong partnership with Salesforce. In fact, our very own VP of Product Marketing and Management, Simon Harrison, recently described the partnership as truly “fantastic” and “unique.” To learn more about our amazing relationship with Salesforce, click here.

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