Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud for Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is rapidly becoming today’s call center, especially when it comes to customer inquiries and service. But if you consider yourself new to the social-media extravaganza, the wealth of online options available to your call center can be overwhelming. Before you start worrying and over analyzing, consider solutions offered by today’s top CRM providers, like Salesforce, who offers the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce – who is not only a proud partner of Vocalcom’s, but one of the world’s largest CRM partners – offers this comprehensive solution as a way to bring everything together so that users can harness the full power of social media.

Before you ask yourself, let us answer for you – yes, you really do need it. Here’s why:

  • Over one-quarter of time that Americans spend on the Internet is spent on social networking sites
  • Social media lead conversion rates are 13 percent higher than the average lead conversion rate
  • Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become major players in the marketing game

If you want to play that game too, you’re going to need a method to manage all of the social-media outlets your business maintains.

The Marketing Cloud makes it easy to connect with customers across a variety of forums. One sleek dashboard condenses any and all relevant information that can be found on social media, as well as lets you explore customers’ expectations for or reactions to your products. Rather than logging in and out of countless windows to keep up with the social scene, Marketing Cloud turns the social scene into one simple and comprehensive frame. And the conversation with customers shouldn’t be one-sided – Marketing Cloud lets you enter the fray as well. Comment on a potential customer’s post, reply to a message or offer a coupon. When you can get in your two cents, the return for your company can be far reaching (especially seeing as how 42 percent of social media consumers expect a maximum of 60 minute response time from companies).

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