Social Media Analytics in the Call Center

For call center agents, approaching consumers on Twitter can be an intimidating proposition. On the one hand, it seems simple enough to send a tweet and respond to a mention of your brand. But, how do you know if the issue is something that needs to be added to your call center queue? Enter social media analytics: a new technology that helps determine how social media interactions should be addressed and how it can be leveraged for exemplary customer engagement and first contact resolution.

Get Ahead of Traffic to Your Call Center

Many call centers will experience increased volume and longer queue times at seemingly unpredictable times. By keeping an eye on Twitter and Facebook, though, companies are able to view chatter about a product issue before consumers reach out to the call center. By utilizing the correct call center software with social media analytics, you will be able to address these concerns as soon as possible, often curbing a backlog of traffic to your facility.

Put a Plan in Place Now

Vocalcom’s Hermes Net 5 is one such social media analytics solution. Hermes works to define rules, expel limits and select social interactions that are appropriate to be queued for agents, filtering out spam and irrelevant mentions.

In responding to customers in real time over this unique channel, your agents will be able to quickly enhance the entire social interaction campaign potential of your company. “Social media interaction and digital word of mouth is a phenomenon that’s not slowing down,” adds our very own VP of Product Marketing and Management, Simon Harrison.

If we can’t get social media interaction to pump the brakes, the best thing we can do is try to catch up. Does your call center have the right tools to make that happen?

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