The Evolution of Enterprise Communications Technology

Enterprise communication technology has made enormous leaps forward in the past few years with the development of cloud technology, smartphones and the integration of connectivity into consumers’ everyday life. By taking a look back at the progress over the last few decades – from the typewriter to the advent of the cloud – it is exciting to think of where the coming years will take technology and, more importantly, how it will affect cloud contact center users.


The typewriter is the prevalent document machine and the first high speed printer is introduced. A far cry from the technology used today, sharing ideas and developing professional documents started with these revolutionary machines.


In 1971, both the first e-mail is sent and the eight-inch floppy disc is introduced. While electronic communication and portable storage look completely different today, these were the building blocks of mass communication and transporting important data.


Cell phones are made commercially available for the first time, opening up and starting the always-on business model. Furthering this, Novell develops Netware and begins the concept of file sharing as opposed to disc sharing.


In a progression from the 80s, the first webpage is created in 1991 and the first text message is sent. Sharing ideas and mass communication is opening up and it has never been easier to interact with customers. This is the beginning of interacting with customers in real-time.


Everything comes to a head in the 2000s, as the mobile device becomes extremely portable and better connected. With the proliferation of small smartphones and tablets in conjunction with the development of the cloud that is used today, not only is there now an online space for the cloud call center to exist and thrive, but it is now accessible from devices that fit into a pocket.

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