The Future of the Contact Center: Measurement, Analysis and Social Media

Social media is arguably the most revolutionary invention for communication over the last decade. As of summer 2013, Facebook has acquired over 1.15 billion active users, Twitter has 200 million, Instagram has over 100 million active users and Pinterest 70 million. And with the rise of social media came the climb of every industry trying to figure out ways to leverage each platform for bolstering brand awareness, maximizing marketing campaigns and, most importantly, servicing customers.

Of course, this led social media usage to spill over into the customer service arena, sending service organizations and call centers on a rigorous hunt for new ways to uniquely leverage each platform in conjunction with their existing call center software for better meeting business objectives.

And that brings us to the here and now, where the world will soon begin its countdown of the year 2013. As the clock continues its trek towards striking midnight in a couple of months, Forbes released a new article predicting how social media campaigns will change in 2014. It’s an article that any call center leader or manager would be wise to take a look at, as it brings one notable point to light: measurement and analytics.

As of right now, there are some more advanced technologies for call center social media usage, including more intuitive support for social channels (for example, queuing customer based on verbal strings on Twitter), more simplified administration and overall more enhanced core technologies; however, Forbes believes that “we’ve only begun to unleash the power of all of the information that exists about consumers.”More specifically, “In 2014, businesses will spend more time than ever tracking click-throughs, conversions, and other behaviors on their social media sites, using this information to steer their campaigns.”

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