Three Ways Your Company Can Utilize Hermes Cloud

Vocalcom’s uniqueness lies in its simplicity, efficiency and innovativeness. Even more significantly, is our ability to rapidly yet thoroughly adapt to meet clients’ varying preferences. Vital functions that companies seek in call center solutions and technology can be found within our platform. Let’s take a look at three diverse companies and how each leveraged the power of Hermes Cloud to reap significant and immediate benefits.


A business process outsourcing (BPO) company, CSL is an affiliate of Orange Mauritius Telecom, a leading telecom provider in Mauritius, an island off the southeast coast of Africa. Its call center boasts a capacity of 1,000 seats and manages customer relation operations—both insourced and outsourced—in Africa and France. CSL relies on our technology to reach its ambitious goal of becoming a leader in BPO services. The company eventually settled upon Vocalcom’s Hermes.Net solution to leverage its plethora of advanced features including: multimedia blending; inbound predictive dialer; e-mail campaigns; SMS communications; and chat, among other campaigns.


Press-One, a U.S.-based customer care company, replaced its legacy contact center solution and implemented Vocalcom’s Hermes.Net system to meet two different objectives: to sustain a primary production sight and to support disaster recovery (DR) system installed in a secure remote location. As one of the largest outsourcers in the Colorado area, Press-One is empowered with every advantageous aspect of our comprehensive platform, including:

  • Inbound with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Outbound predictive dialing
  • Skills based routing
  • Inbound e-mail management

Hyundai MEA

Hyundai MEA paired with Vocalcom to craft its contact center’s aggressive development strategy over the United Arab Emirates market. Hyundai leveraged our net flexibility to aid its global company by employing Web Lead generation (live chat), customer surveys, telesales and sales tracking. Our endeavors helped the company increase indirect sales from 13,000 to 20,000 vehicles per year.To learn more about how your company can benefit from our telemarketing software, renowned predictive dialer technology and digital cloud call center offerings, click here.

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