Top CRM Features of Vocalcom’s Salesforce.com Supported Hosted Dialer

In the past, we’ve discussed what distinguishes Vocalcom’s hosted predictive dialer solution – completed with Salesforce.com support – from the rest of the bunch. For those of you who missed it, the two main reasons include: Salesforce’s strong and influential presence in the customer relationship management (CRM) space and the fact that our application is natively built, meaning that it is built on the same platform Salesforce.com is built on – the Force.com platform.

This has enabled over 550,000 users across 47 countries to enjoy using our renowned hosted dialer solution; however, for those who are still on the fence, here’s an overview of the powerful features that Vocalcom’s hosted predictive dialer offers (empowered by the Force.com platform):

Multiple Dialing Modes

Including a preview, predictive, progressive and power dialing mode.

Click-to-Dial and Automatic Call-Back

These features simplify call processing for agents, and when used with Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud, the dialer should maximize agent-to-customer connectivity time.

First-Call-Resolution (FCR)

When used in conjunction with Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud, our hosted predictive dialer offers support for FCR, as well as ensured accurate routing to the right agent based on their strengths and skill set.

Social Enterprise Application

When used within one’s hosted dialer solution, this feature enables busineses to leverage Salesforce.com’s social enterprise application, Chatter – its content management system – as well as call-flow scripting to further support FCR initiatives.

CRM Pop-ups

When call routing is linked to Salesforce.com CRM Data, not only will you be able to better differentiate high- vs. low-priority queries, but agents will receive a CRM pop-up on their screen containing all information about an inbound caller. This feature pushes hot prospects to the front of the queue and gives priority to VIP customers.

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