Vocalcom names Andres Braceras as Senior Vice President Latam and Southern Europe

Strategic nomination for Vocalcom, positioning Andres Braceras as SVP, leading Latin America and Southern Europe regions.

Vocalcom, a global supplier of cloud contact center and customer experience management solutions, is building an imminent future for both regions, by implementing a global sales strategy for accounts based in Spain with subsidiaries in Latin America. Vocalcom intends to develop its position in these markets by creating synergies within a new organizational structure in these high-potential countries.

Vocalcom has named Andres Braceras as Senior Vice President Latam and Southern Europe

Andres Braceras has a strong knowledge of geographical areas, an accurate vision and analysis of the customer relations market and the challenges facing players in this ecosystem.

His activity, from Mexico to Argentina via Colombia and Brazil, has always been in constant growth, despite working for complex markets.

Develop synergies for more efficiencies

With this move, he will be able to bring together Latam and Southern Europe, in order to develop and exploit new synergies in the management of global accounts based in Spain and subsidiaries throughout Latin America. This new strategy will be serving our multinational customers,  strengthening our global presence and drive growth for Vocalcom across both regions. “As I step into the role of Senior Vice President for Latin America and Southern Europe at Vocalcom, my primary objective is to strategically align the operations of these two dynamic regions. By leveraging synergies between Latin America and Southern Europe, we aim to create a unified and cohesive approach that maximizes the strengths of each market. This integration will not only enhance operational efficiency but also foster a collaborative environment, driving innovation and delivering exceptional customer experiences.” mentions Andres Braceras.

By strengthening this leadership and harnessing the collective expertise of his teams, Andres Braceras expects to achieve significant improvements in market penetration and revenue generation.

This strategic move positions Vocalcom at the forefront of the industry, capitalizing on the unique opportunities presented by the Latin American and Southern European markets, ultimately fueling our ambition for sustained success and leadership in contact centers solutions.

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