What’s on Your Customer’s Call Center Wish List?

Any well-seasoned call center agent knows that it’s easy to think of customers in regards to the problems that they bring. It’s important to always remember that customers are people, too, and each one is unique—a fact that can lead to some of the more interesting and challenging aspects of the call center environment.Let’s take a look at a few ways that your call center agents can become better acquainted with what would be on any customer’s wish list as a way of better assisting callers and making the agent’s job easier, as well.

Good News is Always Welcome

While most requests that come through a call center revolve around a customer complaint or request, finding a way to implement pleasant surprises into the routine would be a welcome joy for all involved parties.A few pleasant surprises that your call center may be able to regularly implement include:

  • Free upgrades in membership programs
  • Discounts on future purchases
  • Bonus items added to a current order

Pleasant Surprises Don’t Have to Be Expensive

Another great idea for gaining additional goodwill with your customers could cost your company nothing at all. A few ideas for kind things you can do for your customers include sending:

  • Happy Birthday e-mails
  • Thank You cards delivered in the mail
  • A Twitter direct message thanking your customer for their pleasant interaction

These are just a few ideas for getting to better know your customers, as well as to help the interaction of the caller and agent to be as pleasant as possible. Do you have any more to add?

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