Why Your Call Center Staff Secretly Wants a Cloud-Based Solution

The cloud has disrupted the technological landscape ever since it first emerged onto the scene. As a call center manager, we’re sure you’ve heard a number of great reasons why you should consider taking your call center operations to the cloud…but have you considered what your employees have to say?One of the greatest benefits of a virtual, cloud-based call center solution is its ability to flexibly allocate staff, which can drastically increase agent satisfaction and, in turn, productivity. Recently, the contact center industry has been seeing a huge trend of companies choosing to rely on third-party agents for handling customer inquiries, while at the same time, wanting the features and integrations available for their own in-house team. Of course, these companies want this information to be readily available to both working teams.

Meanwhile, companies’ sales team members and subcontractors need to work in tandem via the same platform – from anywhere and at anytime. With a virtual, cloud-based contact center solution, all that agents need are computers and an Internet connection to efficiently work, share knowledge and collaborate; they can work anytime, anywhere and can do so using any telephony device, meaning that employees can quickly respond to meet sudden changes in demand if needed.

So if you haven’t considered deploying a cloud contact center model, you might want to think twice about how advantageous it may be for your employees. This especially goes for the large enterprise, which is known for having many at-home and remote workers that are geographically disparate.As a provider of award-winning virtual, cloud-based and hosted call center solutions, Vocalcom can ensure that all of the needs of your employee-base are sufficiently met. 

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