You Don’t Want Your Customers to Download the Call Block App

It seems all too easy to pass off telemarketers as being overbearing, pushy or downright disrespectful. After all, the telemarketing industry is a booming one, but it’s comprised of many fraudulent companies with deceptive motives. Even if a company isn’t a sham, it can be easy for its operations to slip into one that appears unreliable or money-hungry. That’s why it’s absolutely vital that those who are entrusted with managing telemarketing operations invest in top-of-line telemarketing software from a trusted, reputable, long-time provider.

It truly makes us shake our heads when we hear of telemarketing companies who choose to ignore the importance of the Do Not Call list.

In the past, customers have gladly spoken out about how telemarketing needs to undergo massive change. Now, a new iPhone app is serving as one more example of this push to shove approach. The app defends iPhone users against overbearing telemarketing companies who just don’t know when to quit – the kinds who have given up on the promise of advanced telemarketing software or have poor intentions in mind. The invention is called the Call Block app, and it works by adding an extensive list of telemarketers to the user’s iPhone address book. This way, calls from fraudulent – or unwanted – telemarketers can be set to only ring a soft beep that the user can choose to ignore.

It just goes to show how far customers will go to protect themselves against bad telemarketers. If you’re entrenched in this space, it should absolutely go without saying that the telemarketing software you deploy is a reflection of the kind of company you choose to become. Click here to take your first step in the right direction.

To learn more about the Call Block app, click here to read the original story from the Los Angeles Times.

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