Predictive Dialer for Improved Debt Collection

With a broad range of features that are robust and unique, yet easy to use, our dialer is designed to maximize productivity and collection ratios.

  • Debt Collection predictive dialer

    Maximize your debt collection rates with predictive dialing

    Leverage our patented automated messaging with live agent connect

    Increase debt recovery rates. Vocalcom helps thousands of collectors worldwide to increases their agent productivity by providing the right tools for the job. Resources optimisation and strong intelligent dialling capabilities are at the heart of every debt collection operation as operational success is measured according to the number of debtors reached and ultimately, the amount of recovered revenue. Our browser-based call center software for collections and billings will replace your old PBX, expensive predictive dialer, inefficient IVR and out-of-date call recording system. We are a cloud-based, all-in-one, debt collection call center solution. With skills-based routing, IVR, power dialer, intelligent queuing, customizable outbound caller ID, CRM, call recording, call monitoring and real-time and historical reporting, your team will have everything they need to collect more debt, faster.

    By eliminating manual dialing, voice messages, busy signals and Fax machines a rep can increase their call volume by 200 to 400%. This translates into fewer employees doing a more effective job. And with work-at-home capabilities and powerful reporting you can track rep success and make their job a more satisfying experience. Our Award-Winning Agent Desktop gives them all the information they need in a single environment. They have available the full interaction history. Intelligent scripting guides them through the collection, automatically adjusting according to debtors situation, scoring and history. It is easier for the agent to inform the debtor on all the consequences of not paying and to maximize the number of successful settlements according to company conditions.

  • Debt Collection predictive dialer

    Significantly reducing collection time and costs

    With the most high performing debt-collection predictive dialer

    Reduce recovery time. With debt collections, time is money. To succeed you must maximise your debtor contact rates, provide your collectors with a unified desktop with immediate access to data, and comply with regulations. The superior predictive dialer repeatedly awarded for its dialer algorithm, garanted you the best agent occupancy rate and a perfect compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA. Vocalcom integrates with databases, and CRMs to provide a more complete view of the debtor. Agents have access to debtor contact information, call logs, call recordings, payment plan information, case management tools and previous emails and chats all from the Vocalcom interface. With immediate access to all of the most up-to-date information about the debtor, agents will provide better service and quickly recover more debt. With readily available, up-to-date information about the debtor in the browser, agents will never have to open multiple systems looking for information and will spend less time asking the debtor to repeat information.

    If the issue is about a customer’s inability to pay, you can work out a payment plan and stay on top of it with the CRM database and a regular diet of customer communication. Helpful attitudes and consistent action will build a base of loyal customers that will drive your business to new levels of success. And when simple notifications are your need you can utilize the our automated dialer, as the best collection dialer in the industry.. Customers who are falling behind can receive broadcast announcements that raise awareness and can even warn them of impending credit restrictions. What’s more, they are able to respond with a transfer to a live agent for help with the problem. It’s a highly effective method of preventing payment problems from occurring.

  • Debt Collection predictive dialer

    Boost recovery ratios by reaching out to more debtors

    Improve your debt recovery collection rate with our amazing software

    Maximize debtor contact rates. Enjoy the Best collection dialer in the industry to get unmatched debt recovery rates. Our call logs, call recordings, historical reporting and sophisticated CRM makes it simple to identify the best time to contact a debtor. Our customizable outbound caller ID allows you to select a local phone number to show when calling debtors, increasing the probability that they will answer. With our predictive dialer, agents are only connected with debtors who answer. Once they are connected with a debtor, the CRM opens showing comprehensive information about the debtor so your agents can engage in a personalized, knowledgeable and effective conversation. When your agents can create a meaningful customer relationship with your debtors, recovery rates increase. Combined, these tools maximize your connection rates, so your team contacts more debtors each day.

    The flexible controls provide compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA. You can select the time of day for calling and regulate the number of attempts that are made. In the United States the law prohibits collection call attempts over three times a day. Everything you need to drive your business to new levels of success: Real-time Performance Monitoring, Outbound Skill Routing, Full Blended, Automatic Voicemail Notification, Dashboards and Reports, Call Classification, KPIs Monitoring with Valuable Metrics, call and screen recording, Unified Customer History Data, Seamless CRM Integrations, and an Award-Winning Agent Desktop.

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