The New Wave of Sales Acceleration Technology

Sales Acceleration Software built-in Salesforce. More than a dialer. More than an app. An integrated platform to contact, connect and close more deals.

Watch your revenue grow with rapid lead response, consistent, selling practices, and improved productivity

No Salesforce licenses required!
Increase conversion rates by 128%
Sell Faster : Accelerate lead response, optimize sales practices, and prioritize daily sales activities. Keep your sales reps on track and on top of all of their leads. The result is more time selling, more connections with buyers, and more revenue.
+54% in Call Pick-ups using a local caller ID
Only 32% of prospects would answer a call from a withheld number. Vocalcom automatically changes the ANI displayed based on what is known about the customer, improving call connection rates by 54%, and lead conversion.
Save 1 Hour a Day with pre-recorded voicemail
Vocalcom enables inside sales reps to leave a pre-recorded voicemail message and move on to the next prospect which represents a time saving of over an hour a day. And they can pre-record and save multiple voicemail messages.
Push the Hottest Leads to the Top
Vocalcom Immediate Response automatically places new incoming leads at the top of sales reps' lists. A lead called within 5 minutes of requesting information is over 10x more likely to answer, and is 4x more likely to qualify.
  • Native dialing solution for salesforce

    Keep inside sales at peak efficiency and quickly turn your leads into revenue

    Respond faster to high-priority leads, and sell smarter and faster

    Accelerate lead response, optimize sales practices, prioritize daily sales activities, and generate more sales utilizing features such as one-click dialing or text messaging, advanced list prioritization, multi-line dialing, pre-recorded voice messaging, time zone protection, local caller ID, inbound call routing, call recording and more. Vocalcom exists within Introducing the first sales dialer updated in real-time, with zero security liabilities. Vocalcom sales acceleration platform includes multiple Salesforce tools including; contact management, validation process, visual workflow, chatter, Salesforce1, and much more for FREE. No phones, hardware or downloads required. Learn today how using the Vocalcom sales acceleration software combined with Salesforce tools and our dialer, results in better contact rates and faster close than a CRM or dialer alone. The path to 44% more sales productivity begins with a free trial ›.

    It is intuitively designed - simply generate a list of leads or contacts in and start dialing. Optimal for anyone seeking to improve dialing efficiency over manual dialing or click to call. Once dialing you can leave voice messages, send emails and schedule future actions with one click. Use reports to track key dial, talk time and contact metrics - Automatic call logging to save your reps even more time and enable reporting. With effortless installation, quick implementation, and minimal training, companies can be closing more leads within 24 hours. Hermes Cloud is natively integrated in salesforce and automates, organizes, and manages your outbound calls into your Salesforce instance, allowing you to build productivity, improve efficiency, keep track of customer calls and transform your customer interactions.

  • Power Dialer for Salesforce CRM

    Vocalcom Dialer gives inside sales teams more time, better leads, and a faster close

    Revolutionize sales performance and spend twice as much time selling

    Ensure the highest value sales activities are always worked first, removing guesswork for sales. Vocalcom enables automatic dialing of dynamic lists from inside Salesforce, using any object standard or custom. Call logging and other Salesforce automation processes are taken care of in the background so your team have more time. Vocalcom’s dialer predict the best times to contact prospects, and automatically changes the ANI displayed based on what is known about the customer, helping businesses improve contact rate by 54 percent. Vocalcom has also introduced a pre-recorded voicemail feature to its Sales Acceleration software based on Salesforce which enables callers to automatically leave a message and move on to the next prospect, providing a time saving of over an hour a day by sales rep. Check Vocalcom Sales Acceleration capabilities, benefits & reviews.

    An average outbound sales rep spends more than an hour a day just leaving voicemail messages. With Vocalcom, they can easily create a reusable library of voicemail messages. Then, the moment a call goes to voicemail, they can leave a perfect voicemail with just one click. You can then test voicemails to see which pitches work best. Click-to-dial: One-click dialing from any phone field in Salesforce reduces the need for manual dialing by your agent to increase productivity. Preview dialer: Enable your agents to preview the customer record immediately before the outbound dial to deliver a better dialogue and maximize lead conversion. Progressive dialer: Automatically dial leads when your agents become available, filtering non-human contacts and increasing agent utilization. Power & Predictive Dialer: When dialing manually over 70% of your agent's time is wasted. Vocalcom's predictive dialer enables sales and telemarketing organizations to dramatically increases productivity by reaching more contacts and increasing agent's talk time by up to 400%. Lead-to-call: Create automated outbound dialing campaigns that dynamically update as new leads are generated.

  • Predictive dialer for Salesforce

    Get real-time visibility into sales reps metrics that drive results

    Better insight - Record your sales calls and analyze their call pattern

    Take full advantage of all the salesforce cloud has to offer and Vocalcom super dialer to reduce your operating costs. By automating and capturing all call activity directly into customer records, Vocalcom not only helps businesses to better track customer contact, but also enables management reports set up in Salesforce to highlight group call performance, and maximise inbound, outbound and call time efficiency. Remote Coach allows sales managers to monitor or 'whisper' to their sales reps in real time during the telephone conversation without the other party being able to hear the conversation. And management information is improved from detailed reporting and dashboards that allow for performance improvements of over 100% when using our sales acceleration software. A must-have for any inside sales team. Don't miss the new wave of sales acceleration technology! Try it FREE ›

    Integrated reporting on lead generation, qualification and follow up activities; allowing for more detailed management of these actions. Keeping a record of your sales calls has several advantages - it allows to analyze whether you met your call objective, you can refer what you discussed during your last call to a particular customer, you can count how many calls you take to close a sale, you can know how frequent your calls are to a customer, and several more. If you want to continuously improve your sales skills, analyzing your sales call pattern will not only help plan your calls better, but will also help smoothen the calls by keeping you prepared. Enjoy new possibilities to control and monitor in real-time your lead generation and sales calls activity with a single view into Salesforce. An unified and collaborative sales desktop and the most fantastic dialer. For simplicity and productivity, no other solution comes close. Drive your business at you fingertips from anywhere.

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