The New Wave of Sales Acceleration Technology

Sales Acceleration Software built-in Salesforce. More than a dialer. More than an app. An integrated platform to contact, connect and close more deals.

Sell Faster.
More top performers. Better sales development. Faster ramp. The faster the close, the quicker the results.

* Industry reports show that an automated dialer can increase the average number of dials per day by 73% for outbound prospecting and 49% for inbound qualification -- Bridge Group 2015 Inside Sales Survey Report. Whether you are a prospector, lead responder, inside sales rep, or field rep, Vocalcom for Sales is the only full-featured, enterprise-class sales acceleration solution that optimizes every stage of the sales cycle – from prospecting to conversion.

More time. Better lead conversion

  • Automatic dialing of dynamic lists
  • Never miss a customer call with click to call back
  • Call context within the contact record
  • More call connects
  • Faster lead follow up
  • More lead to pipeline
  • Better targeting
  • More top performers
  • Faster ramp
  • Faster campaign ROI.

Greater efficiency

  • Fewer clicks
  • No duplicate tasks
  • Quicker access to specialized resources
  • Faster access to information
  • Better data for fine-tuning processes
  • Always call your hottest lead
  • Prioritize on what matters
  • Never miss a customer call with click to call back
  • Call recording means smart coaching is easier and faster
  • Insightful dashboards, updated in real-time

Ease and flexibility of deployment

  • Minimal effort to implement and maintain
  • Scalable & fully-customizable with any sales cycle
  • Agents and Reps can be anywhere
  • Use of multiple types of endpoints
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • No additional voice boards or equipment required to handle calls, emails, web chats, callbacks and generic objects
  • Stringent data protection

Connect with Up to 54% More Prospects using Local Presence.

Dramatically increase contact rates by over 54% while penetrating far-reaching markets. Dialing leads from a number with a local area code has been shown to boost connection rates by up to 50%. With Vocalcom you can automatically ensure that a local number appears in your leads’ caller ID — No matter where a lead or contact is located, all outbound calls display a local area code and phone number. Returned calls are automatically re-routed to your desired telephone number.

Gain 20% More Sales Time.

How much time does your inside sales team waste manually leaving voicemails and entering data in Salesforce? Vocalcom’s automated voicemail, automatic call logging and other features give your team 20% more time to sell. Crush your post-call task list by automating every step of the sales process. Log calls and notes, update custom fields, auto-convert leads, and send personalized voicemails and emails – all with one-click. An unlimited number of customizable workflows are triggered as reps are already onto the next dial.

Maximize Pipeline Velocity.

Doing more with less is another key theme these days for sales organizations. Vocalcom automatically logs calls and recordings so your reps don’t have to. Reps can also dial leads faster than ever before, clicking to call leads directly from The result is that your reps can dial more leads, create more opportunities and close more revenue than ever before. By tightly integrating the customer interaction functionality from Vocalcom, reps using Salesforce are empowered to perform tasks more efficiently. It’s all possible from within the Salesforce Console.

Better lead conversion. Faster close.

Get the most from the conversation. Before every call, Vocalcom delivers a wealth of data about every prospect in a single view. Contextual data from prospects’ social media feeds, account data from Chatter and company news feeds enable your reps to have smarter conversations and close up to 4 times more deals. By embedding call control, agents can make, take and manage calls with features for click-to-dial, dial from workgroup, call pickup, disconnect, hold, transfer, and conference. Reps can also handle emails, web chats, callbacks, generic objects, and Salesforce (Email-to-Case) queue objects.

Improve Reps Utilization.

The Vocalcom Dialer plug-in for Salesforce Console adds predictive dialer capabilities through Vocalcom Salesforce Edition to automate sophisticated call campaigns in Salesforce Console. Vocalcom turns every rep into a quota-crusher by delivering customer intent data and intelligent sales talking points the moment the phone rings. Enhanced inbound insight enables your reps to quickly solve prospects’ pain points, have smarter sales conversations and win more deals.

Deploy Quickly and Easily.

Certified by Salesforce and based on industry standards, the fully productized offering requires minimal IT resources to implement and maintain. Onboarding new reps is as simple as installing an app. One click installs Vocalcom into any rep’s Google Chrome browser, so reps can be anywhere (HQ, remote office or at home) to use whatever available endpoints they prefer. Reps can then start making and taking more successful calls in a matter of minutes.