4 Reasons Customers Want to Speak to Your Brand

Customers have so many ways to engage with brands these days. But which channels really serve them best? The answer depends on many factors, from a customer’s profile to his immediate needs. While you might think that digital channels are ideal for providing faster service, there’s good reason to believe that the traditional voice channel is as vital as ever. Customers always seek trustworthiness in a brand, and voice still provides that reassurance and human connection that other channels exhibit less. Here are four compelling reasons why your customers might still want to speak to your brand.

They think they will get a faster response

Sometimes, customers may call you because your other channels are failing to help them (assuming that they don’t give up and seek out your competitor instead). A Google study found that 59% of customers who call a brand in the middle of a purchase want a quick answer. While talking to these customers may be exactly what they want, take this point as a wake-up call: Make sure they are not calling because your brand lacks an optimized omnichannel strategy.

They are making a significant purchase

It can be stressful to make an expensive purchase. In these situations, customers may need to talk to someone to clarify information. The same Google study found that consumers are more likely to call a company when making a high-value purchase, such as a car or trip. For this reason, your voice channel is important for assisting customers who might otherwise abandon a purchase if they cannot get the help they need.

They need to modify an order

While technology is extremely helpful for customers who need to make purchases or verify information, many people still find it hard to trust when important changes need to be made. If a customer needs to modify any part of an order, he may feel more comfortable talking to a real person about it to make sure it gets done. In the study, over 50% of respondents claimed they would call a travel company to make changes to their reservation. No matter how advanced your digital channels may be, having a reliable voice channel gives your customers extra comfort.

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They want an emotional connection

Lastly, technology has, in some ways, removed the human connection that many customers still want. According to Accenture, 73% of customers prefer human interaction to a digitized voice, while 58% want to speak to a real person when an issue arises. Customers seek empathy and reassurance when things go wrong, and human support fills that need.Some customers may always prefer digital channels over voice. However, many still find the voice channel to be the most trustworthy and reassuring when faced with a challenging problem or a significant purchase. To meet the demands of every customer and provide a great omnichannel experience, voice must be an integral part of your customer experience strategy. 

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