4 Trends for the Mobile Experience Every Brand Needs to Know

It’s no secret that customers are attached to their mobile devices. Any company that truly values the mobile customer experience knows that making every interaction seamless and engaging is the only way to keep this important customer base. But how exactly do your customers use their smartphones? Take note of these four important trends—and what you need to do to make your mobile customers happy.

Customers love to browse and shop on their mobile devices.

People love to browse for products on the go. According to Smart Insights, mobile sessions account for 59% of all activity on e-commerce sites. If your brand website is optimized or you offer a dedicated company app, mobile customers are far more likely to do business with you. Features such as chat and easy checkout will also make it easier for customers to ask questions and make purchases. If the experience is not an optimal one, beware: Google states that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and will visit a competitor’s site instead.

Customers still want the human touch.

While many customers may search for information on the go, they may want to speak to an agent or visit a retail location. According to Nectafy, 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a smartphone end up calling or visiting that business within 24 hours. This means many things for your company. For one, remember that the voice channel is far from obsolete, as many people want to talk to a real person. In addition, giving customers great in-store experiences at retail locations is essential, as many people like to test products before purchase. Most importantly of all, your mobile site should offer clear contact and address information. For example, clearly post your customer service phone numbers, and use geolocation devices to recommend the customer’s nearest retail location.

Customers love mobile marketing offers.

No one wants to print out a coupon. If your brand makes marketing offers easily accessible, customers are far more likely to redeem them. eMarketer states that mobile offers are actually redeemed 10 times more frequently than print offers. Be sure to ask customers for permission to send offers by email or text, for example, and then send them at the most optimal times. Bar codes and numeric codes are usually the easiest to use, making the redemption process truly seamless.

Customers love your chatbots.

Personalization is key to making customers feel good about their experiences, and no one is helping more than chatbots. Artificial intelligence enables brands to assist mobile customers with tasks such as product research and the purchase process. In addition, when customers mark their favorite items, AI can use this information to make personalized recommendations. According to Mofluid, some retail brands have experienced an increase of 30% in their conversion rates thanks to AI. So go ahead and put your chatbots to work—these digital helpers can assist 24/7 when agents are unavailable and will make your customers’ lives easier. Optimizing the mobile experience is essential to staying ahead of the competition. By giving your mobile customers efficient service and relevant content on the go, you can ensure that they will choose your brand every time.

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