5 Essential Tips for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

How can your brand measure customer satisfaction? With the numerous channels for customer engagement these days, it may seem a daunting task. Your brand may already rely on standard metrics such as customer satisfaction scores, however, a comprehensive look at your omnichannel practices and customers’ behavior can provide much deeper insights into their feelings. Here are five essential tips for measuring customer satisfaction globally.

Monitor social media channels

Social media channels offer a wealth of information regarding your customers’ satisfaction levels. First, it’s critical to analyze your brand’s customer service interactions on these channels to determine how efficient your service actually is. Do your agents respond quickly? Are cases resolved efficiently? Once these exchanges are analyzed, it’s essential to use social listening tools to learn what customers are saying about your brand on the web. This information can then be used to improve service as well as marketing practices for greater customer satisfaction.

Ask agents for their feedback

Remember that your contact center agents have plenty of insights into your customers’ feelings. In addition to monitoring your agents and training them regularly, it’s important to understand their daily experiences with your customers. They may have suggestions as to how call scripts may be revised, what channels need more attention, or how to better assist frustrated customers. An ongoing dialogue with your agents lets your brand monitor customer satisfaction levels and improve service continuously.

Use different kinds of customer surveys

Well-timed customer feedback surveys are essential to understanding customer emotions. Surveys sent directly after service interactions on the channel of service are essential to understanding customer feelings while they are still fresh. Periodic surveys sent on customers’ preferred channels also provide important feedback on an ongoing basis while showing your customers that your brand cares about making steady improvements. Surveys may also be offered within brand apps while customers are engaged with your brand. Lastly, be sure to ask customers for their open-ended comments as well.

Measure contact center metrics

Various contact center metrics can help your brand improve service practices. For example, first contact resolution can indicate how often your customers are given a quick and satisfying solution, while average handling time can indicate if certain cases are taking too long. In addition, be sure to monitor hold time and abandonment rates, as your brand may need to use a callback system to better serve customers and reduce the chance of abandonment.

Analyze customer satisfaction metrics

While a global analysis of customer emotions allows your brand to improve the customer experience overall, customer satisfaction metrics are still important to measure. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an essential metric for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, as it asks them how likely they are to refer your brand. Likewise, a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) asks customers to rate your brand directly, while a customer effort score (CES) can help your brand determine if your customers are working too hard to find a satisfying resolution.Customer satisfaction can indeed be measured, but it’s important to remember that feedback—from both customers and agents—counts just as much as the numbers. 

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