5 Essential Tips for Telemarketing Success







Telemarketing can be a difficult practice for sales agents, as some businesses may resist calls for fear of being hassled. However, when agents are equipped with the best technology and a skillful approach, prospective buyers become interested and may turn into loyal customers. Here are five essential tips for telemarketing success every sales agent should know.


Use a personal and confident tone

Telemarketing requires a confident attitude with a personal touch. Agents should convey these sentiments through their tone of voice and keep this tone throughout the call. Confidence and enthusiasm can increase the chances of being connected directly to the prospective buyer, as opposed to a receptionist, and such qualities can inspire him to listen seriously. In addition, agents should take a conversational approach and inquire politely as to what current issues or needs the prospect may have. This ensures a natural, respectful flow of dialogue and makes the prospect feel less pressured into buying.



Be polite but persistent when confronted with gatekeepers

Very often, agents confront gatekeepers before reaching a decision maker. This means that a call may be directed initially to an assistant or receptionist who may not be authorized to connect the agent to a prospect. In such situations, agents should keep an authoritative yet polite tone and proceed to obtain as much information as possible to increase the chances of a conversation with a prospect. For example, agents may ask to leave a voicemail, request the best times to call back and speak with a prospect, or ask for more information regarding the decision makers at the company. Rather than pitching to assistants, agents should enlist their help in connecting to the right person.


Use technology to increase agent productivity

Robust telemarketing software can enhance the quality of each interaction by allowing companies to record and manage prospect data in a single dashboard location, as it combines the functionality of a CRM and the power of contact center technology.  Features such as an automated predictive dialer enable agents to bypass answering and fax machines and connect quickly to the strongest prospects with real-time monitoring, increasing live contacts by up to 400%. Other features may include easy call script management through the software interface, SMS campaigns to connect further with prospects, and comprehensive performance analysis tools to easily measure results.


Use CRM data to revise and enhance call scripts

Agents should use newly gathered customer data to revise and enhance call scripts. For example, such details as the pronunciation of a person’s name, the name of an additional decision maker, and new information about possible products or services of interest can help enrich scripts for improved agent efficiency. With that said, agents should also add a touch of their own personalities to their conversations to humanize each interaction.

[CETIH Renov] Rethinking telemarketing in an omnichannel environment

Note and address frequent responses as a team

The more agents contact prospects, the more they see patterns in their responses. Noting common responses is ideal for revising telemarketing strategies with peers and supervisors, as call scripts may be revised and individual performance may be improved. Working as a team is essential to building agent confidence and fueling productivity.Telemarketing can be challenging, but the combination of advanced technologies and a prudent strategy can greatly enhance the chances of turning a prospect into a serious customer. 

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