5 Key Terms That Drive Great Customer Experiences

What exactly is at the heart of great customer experiences? Many would argue that a brand’s ability to embrace a core set of values is essential to creating a customer-centric approach that wins long-term loyalty. Here are five key terms that drive great customer experiences and keep the customer’s interests at heart.


Great customer experiences begin with trust. According to a study conducted by the public relations agency Cohn & Wolfe, the number one quality customers demand from brands is honesty about their products and services. When brands hold themselves accountable for their behaviors, customers take notice and support them. For example, brands should describe their products and services clearly, offering detailed information regarding prices, reimbursement policies, privacy policies, and customer service availability. When mistakes happen, brands should also be able to apologize and take measures to rectify the problem.


Emotions play an important role in customer experience. When customers reach out to brands for assistance, they may be frustrated if they have lost time or money in the process. For this reason, customer service agents must be good listeners and show empathy for all customers in such difficult situations. In addition, companies that support charitable causes also send customers the message that empathy is a critical brand value.


Customers want great service, and they want it fast. Efficiency means delivering optimum experiences every time while demanding the least possible effort from your customers. Brands may use optimized omnichannel practices that integrate features such as IVR options for mobile customers and callbacks that eliminate hold times and reduce abandonment rates.


Brands want customers to be loyal, but customers expect the same in return. Being loyal to customers means always putting their interests first and creating products and services just for them. For example, listening closely to customer feedback can help brands improve their products and practices, while loyalty and referral programs reward customers for their business. Sales events and special discounts for holidays and customer birthdays are additional ways to give service a personal touch.


While great service can set one brand apart from others, adding a creative touch can make a brand truly unique. Brands can be creative in many ways, from making their websites more interactive and aesthetically appealing to assigning fun avatars to their agents for live chat communications. In addition, marketing campaigns may be targeted to specific customer interests and engage customers in contests. A creative approach to customer engagement shows a brand’s confidence and willingness to do things differently in order to increase customer satisfaction.Brands that adhere to a set of core values are able to develop customer service practices with greater precision. When customers recognize the efforts such brands make, their loyalty is sure to follow.

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