5 Key Words for Driving Great Mobile Customer Experiences

Most brands these days recognize the growing importance of mobile customer experience. According to Smart Insights, 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. And when it comes to mobile customer experience, a poor one can be costly to a company: CMS Report found that 57% of mobile users claim that they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. So what does it take to deliver quality mobile experiences that your customers can always count on? Here are five key words to take to heart.


First and foremost, your customers need to be able to reach you. Being accessible means having a strong mobile presence, such as offering an optimized mobile site, a brand mobile app, or even a dedicated app for your brand’s customer service. Many brands are also turning to conversational commerce to reach out to their customers through SMS and messaging apps, offering personalized experiences that enhance customer service and drive sales by making product recommendations and simplifying the sales process. Once all mobile channels are optimized, let customers know which channels are available to them and when they can reach your brand. For example, if live chat is only available during certain hours, make that known; on messaging apps, state the average response time to prevent customers from waiting. Accessibility is essential to great mobile engagement: According to McKinsey & Company, 61% of mobile users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing, and 40% will try a competitor’s site instead.


Once you’ve captured the attention of your mobile customer, make every process efficient. Saving your customers time should be a top priority, so every step of the customer journey should honor this principle. For example, visual IVR menus can help customers connect quickly with the most qualified agent, and live chat pop up invitations can similarly save customers time. Offering easy click to call and click to chat buttons make it much easier for customers to reach you. When using messaging apps or any social media app, be quick to respond. Lastly, when customers trust your brand enough to make purchases through their smartphones, make the process painless with a simple payment process and detailed tracking information.


How can you show your customers you really care? Be consistent in your practices. Customers should always feel they can trust any information you present to them, from customer service hours to a payment process to a promotional discount. Give them consistent quality experiences every time, from training agents to address their needs in a humanized manner to sending payment confirmation numbers immediately following purchase. Take out the guesswork and build confidence in your customers by meeting their needs proactively and always honoring your word.


Customers need to feel safe when they are interacting with your brand. If a customer initiates a concern on a social channel, for example, he assumes that confidential customer data will not be shared in your brand’s response. Inspire customer confidence by taking every measure to ensure their security, such as moving public conversations on social media to private channels when a case requires more attention. In addition, payment processes should be secure with clear information about the types of payment accepted and a reassurance that all payment methods are secure. Sending confirmation codes and asking customers to type passwords before purchase can add an extra layer of security as well.


It may not seem like a top priority, but why not make the mobile experience fun? A lighthearted and humanized approach to customer service is always appreciated, so a little creativity can go a long way toward winning customer loyalty. For example, using colorful backgrounds and fun avatars during chat sessions and through messaging apps can make service more appealing and personalized, and using simple but engaging vocabulary can give your brand an authentic and easily identifiable voice that can better engage your customers. Reach out to customers on their preferred channels and offer them rewards, sneak peaks at new products, and engaging video content when they least expect it for greater customer loyalty.Giving customers a seamless mobile experience is a must these days, but making it engaging and fun can delight your customers and win their loyalty for the long term.

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