5 Tips for Achieving First Contact Resolution

While technology fuels a constant evolution in customer service practices, certain customer priorities do not change: A need for quick and in-depth service. For this reason, first contact resolution, or FCR, remains a critical metric for contact centers to monitor. According to the Customer Experience Executive Report by CCW Digital, 70% of customers consider FCR the most important factor when interacting with a company, yet only 10% of companies believe they excel at its delivery. Here are five tips for achieving first contact resolution and truly satisfying your customers.

Understand the customer’s needs

To resolve customer issues in a single interaction, it’s important to truly understand their needs. Agents need to be sure to ask specific questions and listen attentively to customers. While call scripts can guide agents and help them save time, a conversational approach that includes spontaneous dialogue can set customers at ease and increase the chance of resolving issues quickly. At the end of each interaction, agents should also verify that customers are satisfied with the resolutions and ensure that there are no other issues to address.

Optimize your channels

Using an optimized omnichannel strategy is a great start to achieving FCR. Your brand should identify customers’ preferred channels and make sure that agents are delivering the best, most consistent service possible at all times. While it’s preferable to remain on a single channel when resolving an issue, sometimes it may be more appropriate to move the customer to another channel for a more private and extensive conversation. Agents should not fear spending too much time with a customer: It’s always better to spend more time on one interaction that resolves the problem, rather than forcing an unsatisfied customer to contact your company several times.

Ask for customer feedback

After every interaction, ask customers if they are willing to answer a short survey. Make sure to ask specific questions about the service experience, and invite free-response answers as well. The better you understand how your brand might improve, the more likely you will achieve FCR.

Take a proactive approach

Proactive customer service sends the message that your company values customers’ time. Monitoring channels regularly can help your brand understand where agents might be needed more often and which technologies are not working optimally. Likewise, providing agents with regular training builds their confidence and ensures that they are matched with their ideal roles, creating better customer experiences.

Discuss with contact center employees

Agent feedback is extremely valuable when considering customer service improvements. As a team, identify any recurring customer issues and also discuss any operational problems within the organization that might be hindering service. Use such information to revise call scripts, streamline service processes, and set goals and procedures in place so that agents know exactly how to perform at their best. Achieving first contact resolution is a challenge for many companies, as there are several factors to consider. By taking a proactive approach and maintaining the customer’s point of view when making decisions, your brand can better satisfy customers right from the start.

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