5 Tips for Transforming Your Digital Customer Service

You might think that your brand is a digital customer service star. After all, you talk to customers on social media, have an amazing website, and let your chatbots handle all the simple tasks. But before you sit back and let your service run on autopilot, remember this: Creating great customer experiences is all about evolving with your customers. The more you engage them and observe their behavior proactively, the more you can adapt your service to meet—and exceed—their expectations. Here are five tips for transforming your digital customer service for ongoing customer satisfaction.

Map out the customer journey across all digital channels

All too often, brands think that merely having digital channels is enough to keep customers engaged. In reality, most brands do not offer flawless and seamless omnichannel experiences. By mapping out the customer journey across all digital channels, you can determine any customer pain points and create a more balanced omnichannel experience. For example, you may find that customers have difficulty making a transition from social media to live chat, or perhaps your agents are unable to conclude chat conversations quickly due to poor access to customer data. Stay a step ahead of your customers by anticipating problems and solving them proactively.

Prioritize the channels your customers are actually using

While it’s important to offer a consistent experience across all channels, remember that customers have their preferences. Keeping preferred channels in mind is essential when reaching out to them. In addition, some channels may need extra support during peak business times, such as holiday or sales event periods. Adapt your practices to the evolving needs of your customers.

Manage customer data carefully

More than ever, customers demand that their data be secure. If they cannot trust your brand with sensitive information, they simply will not do business with you. Give customers a secure experience when they purchase online or through an app, and let them know what steps you have taken to protect their data. When agents discuss with customers on public channels such as social media, make sure they are trained to handle data discreetly by moving the customer to a private channel.

Balance your use of chatbot and human support

Chatbots are an incredible tool for helping customers with simple tasks. But what happens if the customer’s request is a bit complicated? While you may think your chatbots are service superstars, do not insist upon using them in every context. Sometimes, customers will want to talk to an agent, and conversing with a chatbot who simply doesn’t understand will only frustrate them. Be careful to assign feasible tasks to chatbots, and have your agents ready for times when they need to step in.

Test your processes regularly

How can you really be sure that your customer service processes are working? Give them a test drive from time to time. Put your agents in the customer’s seat to learn what it’s like to contact your company. Does your contact center technology work well? Do agents lose time looking for customer information? Such questions can easily be answered when you take the customer’s point of view and understand how your service actually works.Digital customer service should never be static. With technology advancing as fast as your customers’ tastes, it’s so important to evolve with the changing demands of customer service in order to provide the experiences that win loyal fans. 

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