5 Ways to Improve Communication in the Call Center

Good communication in the call center is an essential part of customer service success. When employees have a deep understanding of their company’s values and current practices, they are better able to perform their roles with confidence and skill. Indeed, clear communications within an organization can lead to greater staff motivation, realistic goal setting, reduced costs, and ultimately greater customer satisfaction. Here are five ways to improve communication in the call center.

Establish the brand’s mission and values

Every brand should communicate its mission and values to employees and customers alike. This may include giving a background on the company’s origins and elaborating on the principles the brand supports. In addition, the brand may wish to mention any specific charitable causes or organizations it supports or partners with. By communicating such information, employees better understand their roles within the organization, while both employees and customers can connect on an emotional level.

Develop a clear protocol for peer communications

During customer service interactions, agents should always know whom to turn to when assistance is needed. Is there a specific peer to contact for a complex case? Should a supervisor be notified? In addition, which channels should be used for such communications? A clear protocol for peer communications is crucial to delivering seamless customer experiences and saving time. By streamlining the process, call centers may save costs with faster resolutions, and agents and managers will be more efficient and confident in their roles.

Communicate company news regularly

Employees should always be informed of current events at the company. For example, information such as new hires, new products and services, and product recalls can all impact how employees function in their roles. Such information may be shared through newsletters and emails as well as during meetings and training sessions to help employees perform their tasks more efficiently.

Give employees thorough training and mentoring

Maintaining a dialogue with employees regarding their performance is essential to helping them do their best. Training sessions should feature activities that help employees build both practical and social skills, such as roleplaying to better understand how they might communicate more effectively with customers. Mentoring is also an important part of their personal development. For example, giving agents a chance to meet regularly with a peer mentor or manager can help them discuss their experiences and obtain feedback on how they might improve individually.

Offer team-building activities offsite

In addition to training sessions, offsite activities are a great way to foster a team spirit in a less intense environment. Giving employees a chance to get to know one another and enjoy fun activities together away from the office can boost morale. Furthermore, offsite professional development activities such as seminars and workshops that employees may choose to attend are also great for helping them attain personal goals. In every company, clear communications are essential to increasing employee productivity and confidence. When it comes to customer service, effective communication in the call center leads to more satisfied employees and customers who are more likely to commit to a brand for the long-term.

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