5 Ways to Optimize the IVR Experience

Automated service empowers customers by saving them time. When brands optimize their websites and apps through tools such as one-click checkout, quick access to frequently asked questions, and video tutorials, customers obtain the support they need without any human interaction. However, when it becomes necessary to speak to an agent or access personal information quickly, IVR, or interactive voice response, offers another automated option that ensures a quick connection to the most appropriate source. Here are five ways to optimize automated service with IVR menus.

Provide a user-friendly experience

When creating IVR menus, make sure to include all the important options a customer may potentially need. Visual IVR menus should specifically use clear language and text that is easy to read. It’s also important not to overwhelm your customers with too many options, as customers may become confused or waste time. Strike a balance between providing specific options and addressing all possible customer needs for a truly seamless experience.

Keep the options short and relevant

While it’s important to be specific, remember that customers want to save time. Make sure your IVR options relay only essential information and do not waste customers’ time with information they don’t need at the moment. For example, forcing customers to read or listen to long promotional offers or encouraging them to connect on social media channels can be distracting and time consuming. Provide separate options for promotional offers that customers may choose to access, and keep the prompts concise.

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Update IVR menus regularly

Always look for ways to improve your IVR menus, and keep the options current. For example, if your company has issued a product recall or wants to promote a new service, make sure separate options are provided for quick access to such information. In addition, customer feedback might reveal ways that your company may improve the IVR experience, leading to changes such as more specific menu options or faster routing to the most appropriate sources. Updating menus regularly and testing them for audio and visual quality ensure that your customers are getting a great experience.

Route customers to the most appropriate agents

Routing customers to agents who cannot answer their questions is frustrating and time consuming. For this reason, it is essential to match customers to the most qualified agents. As agents learn new skills and even change roles within departments, they should be assigned to the customers whom they may assist best.

Use visual IVR for a richer and more seamless experience

Visual IVR further streamlines and accelerates the IVR experience with rich functionalities. Instead of making customers listen to IVR options, visual IVR provides an app-like mobile experience that may reduce IVR opt-outs and connect customers more quickly with agents. For example, Vocalcom visual IVR includes an embedded call widget in mobile websites and offers options such as estimated wait time, callback, and visual customer surveys. This functionality empowers customers with the choice to wait or receive a callback without being placed on hold. Customers may also choose to connect to agents using text options like chat when voice is not convenient, enjoying a truly personalized and seamless experience. IVR is an essential tool for sales and customer service, giving customers access to important information at their convenience while saving them time.

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