6 Omnichannel Customer Trends Every Brand Should Recognize

Omnichannel is the rule for customer experience these days, but does your brand know how best to engage your customers? It’s not enough to know which channels they use–what matters is understanding how they interact with your brand. Here are six omnichannel customer trends every brand should recognize in order to deliver great experiences.

Research online and purchase in-store

More and more customers may be researching products online, but that doesn’t mean that physical stores are a thing of the past. In fact, a study by Invesp found that 70% of U.S. online shoppers have used services offering purchase online and pick up in store. In addition, Hubspot claims that shoppers who buy from a business both in-store and online have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using just one channel. It’s therefore critical to link the research experience to the in-store experience by offering tools and services that streamline the process. For example, your brand website should offer an in-store pickup option if applicable when customers are purchasing online, as well as live chat pop-ups for sales assistance. In addition, the mobile experience should be optimized with a live chat option or dedicated messaging app for service to better serve customers already in-store.

The simpler the experience, the better

No matter what features you offer your customers, keep the experience simple and straightforward. eMarketer claims that 64% of customers expect a seamless experience regardless of the channel they use. What’s more, Mintel states that 53% of shoppers say convenience is the number one factor they consider before making a purchase. Make sure customers are routed to the most qualified agents when they switch channels, give them clear and timely receipts after purchase, and empower them with self-service features that help them save time.

Mobile optimization is a must

Mobile shopping is a growing trend, and every brand needs to keep up with demand to satisfy this large customer base. Customers are using their mobile devices on the go for everything from product research to customer service to making purchases. In addition to offering an optimized mobile site or app to assist customers, your brand may also consider offering in-depth assistance through messaging, as the channel is ideal for offering personalized assistance and enabling quick and seamless purchases on the go.

The demand for secure payments

Earning customer trust is essential, especially when sales are involved. Make the payment process painless and secure by providing your customers with the right tools and information. Offer secure methods of payment with recognizable payment icons, offer a password option for customers to log in before purchase, and give your customers payment and shipping confirmations immediately following purchase.

Power in the personal touch

Personalized customer experiences can have a long-term impact on customer loyalty. A survey by Infosys found that nearly one-third of consumers wish the shopping experience was more personalized. For consumers that had experienced personalization, 86% said that it influenced what they purchased and 25% stated it impacted their purchase decision significantly. Give your brand a personal touch by training agents to communicate better with customers, offering product recommendations and promotional offers tailored to customer needs, and getting customers involved in product development by soliciting their feedback.

A need for customer centricity

At every step along the customer journey, your brand should ask if the customer’s needs are being served. Does a new technology actually improve the user experience? Is a promotion being offered at the most optimal time? Are your social media channels keeping up with incoming customer demands? Always take the perspective of the customer when making decisions that affect their experience with your brand. Giving customers a great omnichannel experience begins with knowing where and how to serve them better.

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