6 Ways Predictive Dialers Drive Brand Success

In the contact center, time is everything. Every second wasted results in fewer sales and missed opportunities for delivering great customer service. Fortunately, predictive dialers offer the perfect solution to this problem, as this automated technology filters out obstacles and places calls at optimal times to ensure better results. Here are six ways predictive dialers can drive successful sales and customer service experiences.

Greater agent productivity

Predictive dialers eliminate the manual task of dialing numbers to boost agent productivity. The dialer automatically determines best call times, predicts when a current call will end, and wastes no time in dialing the next number. In addition, call blending features allow the dialer to work with an automated call distribution (ACD) system, routing calls to available agents on both inbound and outbound channels. Idle time is eliminated, and agents are able to switch easily between channels as needed for an increased talk time of up to 300%.

Stronger lead management

With lead management software integration, predictive dialers may organize data all in one place. For example, agents are able to access information such as customer profiles and purchase history with great ease. The dialer filters out obstacles such as fax and answering machines, and it provides quick access to live connections. All call activity is captured directly into the CRM while further offering real-time metrics and KPIs for improved sales practices.

Increased sales

Rather than calling at random times and hoping to get an answer, agents may trust the dialer to assist them with a more strategic approach. Predictive dialers grow smarter with use, tweaking the process as it goes to make sure that the strongest leads are contacted at the most optimal times. Agents are therefore able to speak with the strongest prospects. Call logging and recording features save agents time and enable them to pursue more leads with greater precision.

Reduced costs

Contact center costs are greatly reduced when a predictive dialer is used. Agents spend less time on the expensive voice channel, and customer abandonment rates decrease. In addition, fewer agents are needed to make calls as their productivity is increased greatly. When integrated with a CRM, there is no need for additional expensive hardware, and pay-as-you go models further drive down costs.


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Greater adaptability

Predictive dialers are typically adapted to the needs of each business. Whether a company is a small business or a large corporation with multiple locations, predictive dialers offer a scalable solution. Add-on options such as SMS and email may also be implemented to tailor to the individual needs of each company.

Greater customer satisfaction

Ultimately, customers are more satisfied when contacted via a predictive dialer. They are called at preferred times, are less likely to be disturbed at odd hours, and are not contacted too frequently. Their data clearly informs agents about their product needs and purchase history, so they are more likely to receive offers of interest.

Predictive dialers are essential tools for driving agent productivity, pursuing leads strategically, and satisfying current and future customers. 

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