7 Reasons Social Customer Service is Essential for Every Brand

As social media continues to grow in popularity, the same can be said for social customer service. As fast-paced and often public channels for communication, it’s no wonder that customers embrace them to engage with brands when they need quick and direct answers to their questions. Indeed, the following statistics illustrate just how essential social customer service has become, and will continue to be, to great customer experience. Here are seven reasons why your brand should make social customer service a top priority.

Social media remains the top Internet activity

According to We Are Social, there are over 2.3 billion active social media users in the world, while numerous studies have further noted that social media remains the top Internet activity. When one considers the number of different activities people do on the Internet—from checking emails to research to playing games—the dominance of social media is a clear indication that people love this mode of communication. For this reason, expect more and more customers to communicate with your brand on their favorite channels.

Customers actively turn to social media for service

Just as people like tweeting to their friends and sharing Facebook posts with them, the same is true for customer service.JD Power found that 67% of customers turn to social channels for service, meaning that every brand should optimize their social channels for efficient, real-time service.

The greater the service, the more loyal the customer

When customers are truly satisfied with their social experiences, the payoff for brands is extraordinary. Aberdeen Group reports a 92% retention rate among brands with a well-planned social customer service approach. And it gets even better: The same brands also enjoy a 21% year-over-year increase in positive social media comments. The stronger the social experience you provide your customers, the more loyal they will be.

Poor social customer service is costly to brands

When your service is less than stellar, it can truly cost your brand. According to Gartner, brands that do not respond to existing customers on social channels experience a 15% churn rate. As a general rule, never ignore comments on your social channels, offer customers timely responses, and be sure to move the conversation to another channel for further discussion when appropriate.

Social customer service is cost-effective

Compared to other contact center channels, social media is highly cost-effective. According to NM Incite, a single social customer service exchange costs approximately $1, compared to $6 for a voice call. It’s a true win-win situation for every brand: A chance to serve customers better on a global scale at a fraction of the cost of a traditional channel.

Mobile is the way to go

Social activity is especially dominant on mobile. According to Twitter and Facebook, 80% of daily users are mobile on both channels. Conversational commerce has become the new way to engage mobile customers and provide them a one-stop shopping experience, making mobile an essential part of the future of customer experience. Furthermore, mobile complements the in-store experience: Pew Research found that 58% of customers use their smartphones while shopping in-store.

Happy customers tell their friends on social

Lastly, when you provide your customers with great social customer service, they are happy to share their enthusiasm. An American Express study found that 42% of customers will tell friends on social media about their positive customer experiences. On the flip side, 53% will also tell their friends about negative experiences. The key takeaway? Make every social interaction count, and give customers your best to win their loyalty and advocacy.Social customer service is a key element of the omnichannel customer experience. Brands should no longer ask if they should engage their customers on social, but rather, how best to engage them for long-term loyalty. 

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