Part 2 – A Blueprint for Your Future Unified Contact Center

The traditional brick-and-mortar call center of yester-year is no more.

In place of ergonomic call center furniture and hundreds of agents is the virtual call center—an off-premises customer support division that is vastly more “intelligent” then it was in past years.Last week, we explored the rise of the “intelligent call center,” or a center featuring best-in-breed call center software capable of handling every type of request from a customer, no matter the channel from which the request originates. Today, we dive into how Vocalcom’s unified solutions can get you headed down this more efficient path.In fact, those searching for robust call center software capable of transforming your contact center into an intelligent center need look no further than Vocalcom, a provider of disruptive call center technology. Our company hangs its hat on its ability to offer solutions for companies looking to talk directly to their customers across all channels and connect instantly with visitors on a variety of platforms.One of the main benefits our software affords is the chance for your customers to instantaneously connect with an agent and enjoy WebRTC, or real-time communications over the Web. Our solution, Wave, boasts live chat capabilities that allow you to interact with your website visitors in real time, improving visitor satisfaction and maximizing online sales.Moreover, our software allows live chat agents to handle multiple chats at the same time, in stark contrast to phone operators who are limited to one conversation per call.To learn more about our industry-leading unified call center software, click here.

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