Beter Bed Transition Agents in 24 Hours to Work-From-Home Model with Vocalcom Salesforce Edition Cloud Contact Center Solution

As the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact businesses across the world, many retailers have been forced to rethink their customer service practices. As retail stores close and contact center staff are no longer able to work on site, many companies must find innovative and flexible ways to meet increased customer service demand while protecting the health of their employees.

Beter Bed chooses Vocalcom Salesforce Edition Cloud Contact Center Solution

Dutch retailer Beter Bed sells mattresses and bedroom furniture through multiple subsidiaries, operating more than 100+ stores across the Netherlands and Belgium while offering its products to European customers online. Their contact center agents manage mostly inbound, sales and service related inquiries. In January 2020, the company chose to replace its existing contact center solution with Vocalcom’s Salesforce Edition solution. With this cloud solution natively developed in Salesforce, Beter Bed can manage its call center and the entire customer relationship directly in one unique application – Salesforce -, eliminating the need for API or integration. Beter Bed is leveraging Vocalcom’s renowned expertise in contact center management combined with Salesforce, the leader of CRM applications. Beter Bed agents interact with customers by phone, but also by email, chat and WhatsApp in an integrated approach, leveraging direct access to Salesforce Customer 360° knowledge to bring the best answers to each customer.

Moving Beter Bed contact center agents to a remote working model in 24 hours

When the pandemic began to affect business operations and put employee health at risk, Beter Bed was presented with the immediate need to migrate their contact center agents to a remote working model. With Vocalcom Salesforce Edition, the transition was achieved easily in just 24 hours as the cloud-based solution can easily be operated remotely. At this time, most of the Beter Bed agents are working successfully at home and continuing to deliver excellent customer service at all times.

Managing call volumes and new web callback functionality.

While migrating agents to a remote working model proved to be simple, Beter Bed faced another dilemma. The COVID-19 crisis made it necessary to reduce contact center hours at the office.  At the risk of impacting customer satisfaction, Beter Bed leveraged Vocalcom temporary licenses to enable sales representatives from their stores to assume home contact center roles during the COVID-19 outbreak. As these employees were already using Salesforce in the stores, the transition meant a simple addition of phone functionality to their existing Salesforce platforms and did not require further training.

In addition, Beter Bed added a new button on their website that would allow customers to receive an agent callback instead of waiting in a queue. While this callback form generates leads within the Salesforce platform, in just 24 hours Vocalcom automated the lead conversion into an outbound call out campaign for the contact center agents. Using the call out list automatically created in their Vocalcom dialer in Salesforce, agents are now able to call back customers armed with all contextual information.The flexibility of the Vocalcom solution and the quick reactivity of the Vocalcom team have helped Beter Bed improve customer satisfaction during this pandemic, as more agents are able to handle calls and waiting times are reduced. As always, Vocalcom is committed to providing continuous support to its customers and offering the best products for delivering excellent customer service.

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