Choosewell Health Insurance Powers Salesforce with Omnichannel customer interaction platform by Vocalcom

Choosewell, a leading Australian health insurance comparison service, today announced that it will deploy a Vocalcom Omnichannel customer interaction platform by Quality Connex for its customer communications’ channels. The solution, powered by industry leading Omnichannel Customer interaction platform provider, Vocalcom, will enable Choosewell to propel customer experience by adopting a single cloud-based contact centre platform, while enabling the organisation to achieve greater reliability and providing consumers with the option of omni-channel communications.“We are a Salesforce and Cloud shop. We really wanted to make our Salesforce contact centre solution sing and we had a clear choice to make. Either go with a standalone contact centre solution or go with an on platform, Salesforce contact centre offering. In our view, if you are invested in Salesforce and need contact centre software, native to Salesforce is the only way to go. We also wanted to work with a professional organisation which could offer an appropriate ever green solution while at the same time moving away from open source,” said Jacob Murray-White, General Manager- Digital & IT, Choosewell. “In my 25 years in IT & contact centres I have deployed and managed most of the major vendors’ solutions so I understand how complex and costly managing these systems can be. What we love about the Vocalcom solution is the simplicity of having everything inside of Salesforce and being able to manage everything from within the platform.”The decision to select Vocalcom followed a comprehensive market review through which all of the major Cloud contact centre vendors were considered. Choosewell selected to deploy Vocalcom through Quality Connex, an Australian based cloud software and consulting company and the exclusive distributor for Vocalcom in Australia and New Zealand.Selecting a native solution will enable Choosewell to store all data within Salesforce while all applications and data can be customised, automated and reported upon using the same Salesforce tools that the organisation has already deployed. The on platform contact centre offering provides all the expected channels such as inbound and outbound voice, preview progressive and predictive dialing as well as having the advantage of being able to route other channels provided by Salesforce such as email, social, cases and others. “The advantage of being able to set up all of this integrated routing capability, call recording as well as advanced IVR treatment from within Salesforce is key to being able to leverage our existing investment in Salesforce skills and resources.” said Murray-White.By writing workflows inside of Salesforce, Choosewell will no longer have to manage complex integrations or write APIs that pass data backwards and forwards. It will also enable the organisation to find more effective ways to distribute leads for its outbound agents and improve their ability to sell rather than working out how to move data around from system to system.“At the same time, all of the data we have in Salesforce can be made available to make better routing decisions and provide for a much improved customer experience. The omni- channel routing providing by Vocalcom will also allow us to ‘push’ all channels to any agent that has that skill set which will make them more productive and enable us to meet our service levels for every type of contact, not just on the voice side of things. By having every piece of data about every interaction inside of Salesforce our analytics become much less complex and more powerful and we will finally have the single source of truth we have been looking for,” said Murray-White.Choosewell is based in Melbourne and has a team of over 70 advisors assisting consumers to save time, money and hassle by helping to compare a selection of appropriate health insurance policies. Choosewell is one of Australia’s largest specialist Health Insurance advisory services.“Service excellence is at the heart of what we do and Vocalcom’s native integration with Salesforce will further enable us to meet our customer experience objectives,” said Murray-White.Quality Connex provides a range of consulting services to private and public sector organisations and has successfully deployed Vocalcom solutions across Australia and New Zealand within a range of vertical market sectors.About ChoosewellChoosewell Pty Ltd is an Australian health insurance comparison service. Based in Melbourne, our experienced team of 70 advisors saves time, money and hassle by helping customers to compare a selection of appropriate health insurance policies. We work with a wide range of trusted health funds to give our customers real choice and value. For more information, please visit www.choosewell.com.auAbout Quality ConnexQuality Connex Pty Ltd, a specialist provider of Cloud Contact Centre solutions and consulting services. We help Australian clients deliver outstanding Customer Experience with our unique omni-channel approach. Our consulting arm focuses on delivering methodologies and frameworks that facilitates the management of agents and increases their productivity. For more information, please visit www.qualityconnex.com or contact us directly on 1300 360 902.About VocalcomVocalcom is a global provider of cloud technology which helps businesses win more customers, deliver faster, smarter service, and thrive. Loved by 550,000+ users for its innovative design and useful functionality, Vocalcom powers 3,600+ companies worldwide such as McDonald’s, Disney, and ITV, who are using Vocalcom cloud customer contact technology to improve sales performance, and offer fast, helpful customer service across every channel. Due to the obvious financial benefits and flexibility, and the fact that regular upgrades and ongoing innovation are available without any additional burden on internal IT resources, thousands of companies worldwide are better able to focus on reducing customer effort. For more information, please visit www.vocalcom.com

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