Experta Seguros Migrates All Contact Center Agents to Remote Model in 2 Days With Vocalcom Solutions

The current global threat of COVID-19 is having an unprecedented effect on the way people live and work. Contact centers are scrambling to handle an explosive increase in call volume at a time when people are being told to work from home. At Vocalcom, we understand the immediate need of our customers to ensure business continuity without jeopardizing the health of their employees. As we want our customers to perform at their best during this difficult time, we are actively helping them transition to a remote contact center model that continues to provide seamless customer experiences using both cloud and on-premise solutions. Every Vocalcom operation centre around the world currently follows a business continuity plan that guarantees three essential things: continuous availability of Vocalcom technologies, 24/7 support, and the delivery of resilient platforms.

Vocalcom has already helped many customers achieve the transition to remote work since the start of the pandemic. Learn more below about how one customer, Experta Seguros, large insurance company based in Argentina, employing around 500 people and working under government supervision, migrated all their contact center agents to a remote working model in less than 2 days, with Vocalcom CCaaS Solutions

A successful transition to remote working in 2 days with Vocalcom solutions

Since 2019, the Argentine insurance company has been using a Vocalcom Contact Center solution installed on a private cloud architecture. The company uses the platform to manage their contact center which supports the insured customers in declaring their accidents and follows up with them on the different steps of the process—through inbound and outbound channels using phone, email, and chat. The Vocalcom solution also equips their 20 branches to sell insurance plans. In the interest of preserving employee safety while still offering consistent quality service, Experta Seguros decided to migrate all of their contact center agents to a remote work-from-home model.

The company’s IT team and Vocalcom’s help desk worked together to set up, in just two days, a platform that enables agents to work from home with excellent call communication quality and access to all other usual channels. After a VPN setup was made for every agent, these employees were then able to access the Vocalcom application together with their own ERP or CRM applications from any location. The remote contact center model has been functioning optimally ever since—agents are handling inquiries easily with quick access to customer data, while supervisors are likewise able to monitor their teams remotely with ready access to supervision tools and reporting.

As the world navigates this time of fear and uncertainty, Vocalcom is, as always, deeply committed to providing the best technology and support to its customers, to ensure that their customers in turn enjoy great experiences at all times.


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