Five Awesome Ways to Encourage Non-Customer Facing Employees

Every employee has a role in the customer lifecycle continuum; IT keeps the call center up and running, purchasing acquires cutting-edge products that customers want, shipping ensures those products are delivered on time and in excellent condition, and accounting makes sure all employees get paid, which keeps them happy and productive.Sometimes, though, non-customer facing employees (the guys in the back-end of operations) can feel disconnected when it comes to seeing how they fit in the big picture. Before you begin pacing the floor, remember that there are several ways you can involve non-customer-facing employees in day-to-day customer relationships, as well as show them how valuable they are to the process.

1.       Incentivize them for helping customers outside the office

Sprint rewards employees for being an “instant advocate” with customers met outside of work. The company also rewards employees for customer referrals and involves them in customer letter-writing campaigns they call “Thank You Thursdays.”

2.       Map the connections between all employees and the customer experience

Show back-office employees how they connect to the customer by mapping the customer ecosystem.

3.       Make them part of the team

Create teams that groups members of disparate teams together, and don’t forget your virtual call center agents, either. For example, instead of a single agent winning a contest or receiving a commission, everyone on the team should be incentivized for helping the agent close the sale or resolve the service request.

4.       Include them in department meetings

When call center managers meet with service staff to discuss how well the company and the department are doing, include back-office employees and be sure to mention how pivotal they are to the team. When you solicit ideas for improvement, encourage their opinions.

5.       Communicate customer feedback

Pass positive feedback around the entire office so that everyone can feel proud and included.At the end of the day, every employee is important when it comes to building the company brand. Without non-customer-facing employees, those on the front lines wouldn’t be able to do their jobs nearly as well as they do now.

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