Five Ways to Reduce Complaints and Improve the Customer Experience

You’ve probably heard the expression, “I’d rather have a tooth pulled than [fill in the blank.]” Well, all too often, what fills in that blank is “call customer service.” From long wait times to having to press too many buttons to get through the IVR, 15 percent of respondents to a recent survey actually said that they would rather go to the dentist than have to deal with a customer service center.

Improve Customer Service

And, while improving customer service can keep customers from defecting, there are additional benefits to ramping up service delivery. Many customers who have a good experience are willing to give more of themselves to the company as a result – from taking the time to provide feedback to even spending more money more frequently.So how do you make the customer experience better and put a lid on complaints? The number one way you can control complaints and maintain top quality service is to survey your customers, ensuring that you know and are addressing their every concern.

Add on to this strategy by also:

  • Letting premiere customers bypass the IVR and go straight to live agents.
  • Routing customers with the most common problems first.
  • Offering online chat, video and a mobile app.
  • Communicating customer feedback to your service reps, as well as sales, merchandising, retail and anyone else who touches the customer. Solicit their ideas, keep everyone in the loop about new service launches and ensure that processes across all touch points are consistent.

The service center is the hub of the entire customer relationship. With the help of your call center software, you can accomplish every one of these tasks to keep a steady finger on the pulse of the customer and maintain a high level of customer service excellence.Empowered by multi-channel support solutions such as video, chat, texting, mobile and social and virtual and cloud integration, your call center software can help you stay on top of customer concerns, interests and needs, enabling you to address them all in real time.With the latest cutting-edge call center software in your service and support center, your customers will soon be saying, “I’d rather call customer service than go to the dentist.”

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