How to Make Your Brand Customer-Centric in 7 Steps

Delivering great customer experiences is a top priority for most any brand, but how many are truly considering the customer’s point of view? Many would argue that the key to delighting customers is taking a customer-centric approach and making sure that every step along the customer journey is tailored to their needs. Indeed, Deloitte claims that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that do not focus on the customer. Here are seven steps for making your brand truly customer-centric.

Ask your customers directly what they want.

Your customers have plenty to say about your brand, so just ask them! Feedback surveys may reveal valuable insights into improving the customer experience, so be sure to solicit their comments both periodically and following service interactions. Social media comments are also critical to understanding their feelings, so make sure to respond to their comments and ask them proactively how they feel about products and services. Some brands even take the step of asking customers to vote on favorite products or make suggestions for new ones, which is an excellent way of showing your customers that your brand truly creates products for them.

Use their preferred channels.

Taking an omnichannel approach is great, but no customer wants to be forced to use a specific channel. Identify each customer’s channel of preference, and make sure to use it for all contact. On a more global level, research to see if there are channels lacking from your omnichannel strategy. For example, social channels such as Instagram are extremely popular among millennials, so if your brand identifies this generation as a target audience, be sure to engage them on the channels they use for a truly customer-centric approach.

Answer every question, no matter how small.

Some customer cases might be more complex than others, but each customer deserves attention. If a customer wishes to spend more time on the phone asking questions, don’t rush them and listen carefully to what he needs. Remember that first contact resolution is indeed better than making your customers contact you repeatedly. The same is true on social media: When customers ask questions, take the time to answer them and only move them to a different channel if the situation demands more attention.

Make targeted marketing offers that match their profile.

Many brands contact all customers when there is an upcoming sale, but how many make offers specific to the customer’s tastes? Take your marketing strategy a step further by analyzing customer purchase history and making product suggestions or promotional offers based on what they have already purchased. The same approach goes for loyalty: Celebrate customer milestones, such as being a client for one year, with a thank you and a promotional offer.

Give them a seamless experience.

Make every experience as effortless and seamless as possible. Using technologies such as prioritized callbacks and visual IVR menus save customers time and make your agents more efficient as well. Match agents to the most appropriate departments and tasks, and give them tools for success such as CRM software for easy access to centralized customer data. Lastly, an optimized website with a similarly optimized mobile version is a must for making your brand accessible.

Don’t make them repeat or fill in missing information.

No customer likes to repeat information, so using tools such as IVR menus and CRM can certainly prevent that situation. However, agents should also be careful when they discuss the details of a service case. If key information is omitted and the customer has to point that out, it’s not only an inconvenience but a sure way to make the customer lose confidence in your brand.

Give them a humanized experience.

Above all, remember to treat your customers like people and show that your brand can deliver a human touch. Be attentive, listen with empathy, and make all customer interactions natural and conversational. The more approachable you are, the more likely your customers will remain loyal. Taking a customer-centric approach is essential to customer satisfaction and long-term brand growth. To offer truly meaningful customer experiences, always take the perspective of your customers.

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