Pitch Perfect: The Art of Effective Telemarketing

Many businesses employ a wide range of strategies to prevent telemarketers from reaching decision-making executives. One of the most common obstacles used by gatekeepers—individuals such as assistants or switchboard operators who answer calls—is simply telling the agent that the decision-maker does not take sales calls.Without the proper tools and training, your call representatives may be tripped up by this assertion. But with state-of-the-art call center software, call agents will be able to move forward confidently and without hesitation.

Utilizing telemarketing

Telemarketing software allows your business to record, enter and store prospect information in a single dashboard location. With this invaluable data at their fingertips, your representatives will know immediately the most effective way to proceed with a call. For instance, if a prospect is being reached for the first time, it may be beneficial to have your agents tell the gatekeeper that they are not in fact making a sales call, because closing will likely take multiple calls anyway.If a potential client has been contacted before, a record of that conversation will be archived and easily accessible, allowing your representative to pick off where the last call left off or to attempt a different approach.


Not only can you provide your agents with critical prospect information through telemarketing software, but you can also create a campaign script that details how best to approach a call based on previous conversations. If, for example, the dashboard shows that the gatekeeper is already aware of the service being offered and has asked for a call back, your representative can reference the previous conversation and inquire about the possibility of speaking directly with the decision-maker.Perfecting your telemarketing strategy requires just the right blend of appropriate technology and well-trained personnel. Telemarketing software can help provide your business with both, ensuring a happy holiday season for your bottom line.


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