Three Agent Problems Your Call Center is Probably Facing Right Now

Regardless of your position in the contact center journey, whether it is as the CEO of a startup with only 10 staff members or a business executive overseeing the branch of a large enterprise, call center solutions are imperative when facing common problems.  Let’s take a look at a handful of issues that your call center may be frequently confronted with, as well as quick ways to solve them.

1.)    Missing the structural mark

After the crippling recession of 2008, call centers’ career prospects immediately became limited. With job losses left and right, your organization can run the risk of losing its overall structure, its best agents and, correspondingly, the established high standards and positive end results. While we still grapple with a rather frigid economy, it’s important to remember to never compromise on agent performance for cost-savings because it will cost you dearly in the long run.

2.)    Struggling to meet customer demand

Although the global average annual absence rate in contact centers appears to be diminutive at 11 percent out of a hypothetical 100-seat contact center, this means that only 89 seats are filled. In fact, having fewer staff members, regardless of the percentage, affects quality of service. As customers continue to be put on hold and be treated insufficiently, agents are forced to speed up calls, sacrificing quality for quantity. Make sure that your call center solutions are fully intuitive and integrated, as well as boast a rock solid knowledge bases to quickly, yet effectively, meet your customer’s every demand.

3.)    Agent malingering

Call center work can be incredibly repetitive, and thus, lead to agents’ loss of enthusiasm. This of course, could lead to absenteeism and staff turnover. To overcome this stale feeling, encourage your agents with creative games, surveys and incentives to keep the creative juices flowing.

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