Vocalcom reinvents the customer experience with its new intuitive, omnichannel, and AI-ready contact center solution Vocalcom Hermes360

Available in the Cloud or on-premise, the solution Hermes360 offers a latest-generation interface, unified 360° management across all channels, and integration with artificial intelligence technologies for an optimal customer relationship.

A contact center solution that meets the needs of the market

Vocalcom, the global leader in customer experience and omnichannel contact center solutions, unveils its new contact center solution Vocalcom Hermes360, available in the Cloud or on-premise. Intuitive, omnichannel, and AI-ready, Vocalcom Hermes360 allows contact centers to improve the agent experience and customer satisfaction at the same time, regardless of location or communication channel used.

The COVID-19 crisis has deeply shaken up the business strategies of companies as well as the relationship between brands and their customers. All businesses have had to rethink their customer relationship and experience models, with an acceleration of customer journey digitalization, the adoption of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, and the rise in usage of social media channels by customers for communicating with brands. This unprecedented crisis has reinforced the role of contact centers which have to manage the customer relationship in a unified and seamless way across all communication channels – while giving agents the means to easily work remotely. These trends will continue and solidify overtime. As a result, companies need intuitive and flexible customer relationship tools in order to adapt efficiently to these new communication methods while responding to current digitalization and remote working challenges. 

« The customer experience has always been a key aspect for company operations. However, the current context linked to COVID-19 is now speeding up the existing trends and requiring companies to communicate with their customers in a flexible and omnichannel manner, » explains Carlo Costanzia, President and CEO of Vocalcom. « At Vocalcom, we place our technological expertise and our know-how at the service of our customers in order to help them relieve these challenges. The Vocalcom Hermes360 solution was designed to bring a real added value to companies that wish to facilitate their agents’ work and use the latest technologies to offer an optimal experience to their customers, regardless of the communication channel. »

A Cloud solution, also available in an on-premise version to adapt to the needs of all companies

According to the Gartner firm, 50 % of contact centers will adopt the « as a service » contact center model (CCaaS) by 2022. To respond to this evolution, Vocalcom Hermes360 is available in the Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and addresses the current needs for working method adaptability, flexibility, and resource scalability. The new Vocalcom solution is also available in an on-premise version to cover the needs of the market and adapt to all operational, financial, or technological constraints.

A solution designed to optimize the customer relationship

Vocalcom Hermes360 was conceived to provide an answer to the current and future challenges of the customer relationship market by allowing in particular:

  • To simplify agents’ work

Equipped with an intuitive, latest-generation interface, Vocalcom Hermes360 allows agents to access directly and easily all customer information and the 360° history of their journey. Agents gain agility with less clicks and more time to bring the best answer to each customer.

  • To accompany the digitalization of the customer journey through omnichannel communication across an unlimited number of channels

Thanks to Vocalcom Hermes360, the customer relationship becomes truly omnichannel through unified management across all channels: phone, SMS, email, chat, and an unlimited number of social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, WeChat etc. In this way, brands can communicate with their customers no matter their channel of preference.

  • To integrate the latest artificial intelligence technologies

The Vocalcom Hermes360 is AI-ready and integrates easily with the best of artificial intelligence technologies: chatbots, voicebots, or Smart Pairing technologies in order to reduce costs, handle demand peaks, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • To offer a proven inbound and outbound technology

Vocalcom Hermes360 benefits from the historical expertise of Vocalcom in the contact center industry. The solution offers great flexibility in the management of scripts and real-time campaigns, an IVR (interactive voice response) that is independently modifiable to adapt to current events, and a powerful predictive dialer for increasing the number of positive contacts.

  • To manage contact center performances in real-time

To manage agent flow and performance at any time, Vocalcom Hermes360 offers real-time supervision with intuitive dashboards in the form of customizable widgets, and the possibility of creating alert thresholds.

In addition, the two versions of Vocalcom Hermes360 offer levels of data security and confidentiality in compliance with all international regulations (GDPR, TCPA…). 

Hermes Digital Journey: Responding to the evolution of communication channels

Vocalcom has teamed up with Infobip, a global cloud communications platform and leader in omnichannel engagement, to strengthen its strategic positioning by adding a new brick to H360’s comprehensive social messaging solution: Hermes Digital Journey.

With HDJ, Vocalcom brings to the market a proactive, omnichannel customer engagement solution that combines social networks with its historical expertise: customer knowledge, data management and voice.

Hermes Universal CRM Connector: Enrich your CRM with Contact Center functionalities

Hermes360 is enriched with a second new brick, which will allow you to bring the power of our Hermes Contact Center solution to your CRM: Hermes Universal CRM Connector.

With the HUCC solution, Vocalcom wants to help you to implement an efficient customer engagement strategy. Thanks to this new Connector, your CRM will benefit from all the power of the Hermes360 Contact Center software to manage your inbound and outbound calls. You will be able to leverage all your customer data and increase agent productivity with real-time tracking of customer history and context.

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